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Annie Peters
Executive Director

GrantStation has been a blessing to our newly formed nonprofit. Starting from the ground up can be a daunting task. Knowing that GrantStation offers quick, easy to use, and accurate research databases takes the burden out of finding funding. Beyond the helpful lists of funders, they also offer tips on creating everything from a powerful Letter of Inquiry to a detailed and precise application. GrantStation allowed me to spend time and energy on tasks other than research resulting in a more efficiently run organization.

Jo McMahan
Grants Consultant
Jo McMahan.com

I recommended Grant Station to a new grant writer recently. I think GrantStation is the best value for the money. I like the fact that you have weeded out foundations that don't accept applications. I also like the ability to look up Federal grants - much easier than Grants.gov! Thanks for providing a great product that we can actually afford.

Dr. Michael Hayles - CEO
Coat of Many Colors Ministries, Inc.

First, Grant Station has been an excellent educational resource for myself and others who work with me in developing plans for a grant writing strategy. Second, GrantStation is by far an easier way to find grants specifically focused to the needs of the clients we serve, and  Third, GrantStation has helped me personally to build the confidence that I can successfully write award winning grants. Again, thanks to you and GrantStation for the great service and product you provide.

Theresa Silveira
Program Manager
Clean Coalition

GrantStation is much easier to search than other online tools.  Their key-word search is awesome!  I found almost 20 opportunities not yet identified by our organization as possible funders. The GrantStation Insider provided leads too, and I love the format and quick links it provides.  Their customer service is wonderful - very responsive and helpful.  Great tool!!  Great team!!

Louis Medina
Administrative Analyst
Community Action Partnership of Kern

Community Action Partnership of Kern, a GrantStation subscriber since November of 2013, has been awarded close to $9,000 by the California Coastal Commission to provide an After School Marine Studies Program for 135 children and youth ages 6-19 through Spring 2016. The WHALE TAIL Grant Program is funded by sales of a specialty license plate available for purchase from the California Department of Motor Vehicles.

We learned about this RFP through the "GrantStation Insider." Thank you, GrantStation, for making us aware of a grant opportunity to provide marine education to landlocked and under-served children in California's Central Valley.

W. Averell H. Bauder
Executive Director
Seneca County
Cornell Cooperative Extension

I have had a couple of interactions with staff at GrantStation recently and just have to say that I am quite impressed with the customer service and response from everyone there. Thank you so much for this great service the company provides for us in the non-profit community.

Donna Woodrum
American Culture Council, Inc

This is a daunting task, applying for Federal Grants. It really shows the level of commitment that a nonprofit has to their cause and projects to wade through the process necessary to receive Federal money.

I was bewildered prior to this presentation "How to Find and Write Federal Grants." Now I'm just wondering if I can actually make this happen, and plan to start immediately on this quest.

Thank you for an excellent presentation. It was right at my level of knowledge acquisition, and I'm inspired and more confident that I can actually write an acceptable Federal grant request.

Dr. Mary C. Hoke
Non-Profit Administrator and University Faculty
Jewish Family & Children’s Service
St. Louis, MO

GrantStation is a terrific "one-stop" for comprehensive information about grant opportunities... Federal, State and Foundation. I have found it to be a better resource than any of the other "directories."

Kris Ashley
MLIS student
San Jose State University

As a library science student looking for funding opportunities as part of a class on grant writing, I found GrantStation to be one of my most helpful (and most plentiful) sources--I found more than 20 grants that might suit the program for which I'm seeking funding, all in just a few clicks.

As a grant writer in my own time, GrantStation is always one of my first stops.  The GrantStation Insider has given me access to opportunities for funding I never knew about, and GrantStation itself has such comprehensive listings that I immediately know if a grant is right for the nonprofit I work for.

I heartily recommend GrantStation as a stop for any grant writer!

Brad Robinson
Member Services Director
Montana Nonprofit Association

First, I want to thank you for working with MNA to create a customized program that suits the needs of our members to a tee.  Second, I want to let you know that our recent webinar  - orienting our members to some of the facets of the GrantStation product - was a terrific success.  Third - I want to thank you for your culture, entrepreneurialism, product integrity, and customer service and support.  I manage 20 cost saving programs for the members of the Montana Nonprofit Association and none of them has the participation level that GrantStation has. 

Nearly 50% of our 650 members purchase an annual subscription to GrantStation through MNA.  GrantStation expands members fundraising opportunities; saves them time (and therefore money) by distilling  a nebulous pool of potential funders into a smaller pool of more likely funders, provides ongoing educational opportunities, and GrantStation is an easy to use product supported by easy to contact people - it's a great program.  I love to promote GrantStation to the Membership, and they share in that affection by buying and renewing it.  Keep up the good work - all of you!

Thank you for helping Montana's Nonprofits!

Gary Cohu
Executive Director
The Liberty Project, Inc.

Thank you for the services you provide nonprofits like The Liberty Project. The tools available on your web page have helped make me a more efficient manager. I also appreciate you making the grant searching process easier to use.

Amie Montemurro
Grants Coordinator
Care Free Medical, Inc.

GrantStation offers an excellent selection of best practices within the grant world. The efficient and effective search options, coupled with the research available to strengthen letters of inquiry, proposals, etc., have helped to keep our non-profit afloat even during the toughest of economic times. Additionally, the folks at GrantStation consistently go above and beyond to help their customers. Investing in a GrantStation membership is well worth your time and money.

Nancy Rittel
Grants Administrator
Department of Grants &
Community Programs
Missoula, MT

I just have to tell you how much I am enjoying the GrantStation webinars. I've recently been participating in them and I signed up for three more!

Janet Denise Kelly
Executive Director
Sanctuary of Hope

I must say that I totally love the redesign of your grant research website. It is so much easier to navigate and find the best grants that meet our mission. Since being a member for two years now, our grant funding has increased by almost 35%. That's been a huge big leap for us. For the ones we weren't able to secure, we've developed new relationships with funders who have given us feedback and advice on how to advance our fundraising efforts. I am glad I chose to renew with you.

Cindy Lou Bailey
Personal Agent Assistant/Open People Coordinator
Southern Oregon Regional Brokerage

Thank you for your quick and thorough work. I appreciate your links and the information you have shared. GrantStation is truly worth the money for our organization!

Vonda Paige
Executive Director
Tavis Smiley Foundation

Thank you [for the webinar]. It was a very well organized presentation and one of the best online classes I have attended for non-profits. Many times I have paid for sessions like this and afterward felt like it did not cover what was advertised nor did I feel like I had a template or game plan that I could implement following the session.

Unlike most businesses that have to field calls from the public all day, you are certainly bright, resourceful, and you make me feel like MY business is your Number One concern - THANK YOU!

Pat Paniccia
IDEA for Autism, Inc.

I want to thank you for your weekly listings. We provide services to autistic adults and as everyone finds with small non-profits, fundraising is an ongoing struggle. I am happy to tell you I was just informed that my proposal was chosen for funding on the 2020 Healthy People Project. I found this opportunity through your weekly listings. My clients thank you, as do I. Keep sending the listings.

Laura Gazarian
French Lick Artisan

Please pass my thanks along to those who made the October deal a reality. I work with a small, startup non-profit and we appreciate the ability to access this tool in a budget we can afford.

Rose Schilling
King Bio

We just signed up yesterday and I was on the write and research sections all morning and have already gotten our $'s worth.

Susan M. Dyckman
Executive Director

Just wanted to tell you that the GrantStation Insider is, by far, my favorite e-newsletter. I’ve actually secured two new grants for our organization thanks to Insider postings. These were grant opportunities that I’d not seen elsewhere. The Insider’s concise listing by category makes it easy to focus and follow up on opportunities for which New Eyes might be a good fit.

Vicki Pillow
Director of Development

I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how grateful we are to Grantstation for your partnership with the Arkansas Coalition for Excellence. Today I have found yet another grant possibility for the Food Bank of Northeast Arkansas through the Grantstation Insider. We have applied for and received several grants that I discovered using the Insider.

It is so useful for us to have this partnership available through our membership with the Arkansas Coalition for Excellence. Grantstation and ACE are wonderful partners and provide excellent resources to help strengthen the mission of the Food Bank of Northeast Arkansas. It is through collaborative efforts like this that we are able to continue to make a difference for families at risk of hunger in Northeast Arkansas. Thank you!

Debbie Levine

This [GrantStation] webinar was my first, and I fully enjoyed the learning experience. The materials were very helpful, the presenter was professional and knowledgeable and she made the session very interesting with her use of real-life examples – an easy teacher to learn from. I'll definitely be taking more in the future.

Shawn Adams
Greater Melbourne Police Athletic League (PAL) Volunteer

I am sure that Cindy does not remember, but several years ago when the Greater Melbourne Police Athletic League (PAL) had first subscribed to GrantStation, I was participating in the free introductory webinar that Cindy gives to familiarize new member organizations with the capabilities that GrantStation provides.

Cindy actually utilized our organization in an example on how to use the GrantStation database by asking me questions right there in the webinar in real-time, and identified a company that I had never heard of before: GTECH Corp.

It turns out that GTECH runs the lotto games in many states across the U.S.; from the machines that sell the tickets in convenience stores to major computer networks. I wrote a proposal for GTECH's “After School Advantage” after-school program.  In short, we won the program valued at $15,000 which consisted of 12 new, state-of-the-art computers, educational software, desks, furniture, and chairs.  Our local paper even published an article about our award.

I just wanted to say thank you. We have gone on to win other grants as well and at some point I'm going to put together a class on procuring grants and proposal writing so we can train our other volunteers.

Len Proper
AMVETS Career Center

Actually, because of GrantStation, I'm getting a lot less sleep these days. Through your website, I became aware of an AmeriCorps grant competition that seemed appropriate for us. We applied and recently received a $260,000 grant to provide employment and training services to veterans - one of just a couple of organizations in the U.S. to do so.

So . . . my membership yielded $260,000 return. Good investment? Yeah, I think so.


Kim Thiel-Schaaf
Director of Operations & Grant Development
Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art

I have been a GrantStation subscriber for over five years. I find the grant resource information to be comprehensive and easy to use, and I have enjoyed the articles, useful tips and other helpful resources provided.  GrantStation is a must have tool for anyone doing grant and fund development.

Debbie Fisher
Community and Economic Development
Focus: HOPE

Focus: Hope, received a $50,000 grant for their neighborhood school partner (Glazer Elementary) from Samsung via an online competition they learned about in the GrantStation Insider.

This great result wouldn't have been possible without the Knight Foundation's GrantStation Insider. This is one of the many opportunities that I have found through this excellent publication, which I have come to regard as one of the most useful and well put together publications regarding grant opportunities. The "seed" for this came from the GrantStation Insider, so I wanted to let you know and send along a word of thanks to those who create the Insider.

Linda M. Goodness
City of Oswego (New York)

I have been a Grantstation subscriber for about two years and have found many useful articles and opportunities for the City of Oswego and for local organizations. Thank you for such wonderful and timely information.

Christine Richardson
Executive Director
North Kohala Community Resource Center

Thanks so much. We enjoy our newsletter, find it very helpful and user friendly and access the database regularly. Mahalo!

Britt Jacobson
Grants Coordinator
Foundation for Agricultural & Rural Resource
Management & Sustainability (FARRMS)

I recently attended one of your webinars and they are fantastic! Thanks for providing such a needed educational service.

John McLaughlin
Executive Director
North Metro Miracle League

I am a retired airline captain and the founder and volunteer Executive Director of the North Metro Miracle League based in North Atlanta. A little more than a year ago Tech Soup put out the announcement about the GrantStation special offer. Using a grant search engine was something I had never considered.

I was sitting at my desk when the notification that our GrantStation service had been activated. I was curious about how the system worked so I immediately logged in and set up our guidelines.

At the speed of light I got a return that identified 15 Foundations that were potential grantors.

I looked at the first foundation on the list and one of the options was to call and see if your organization complied with their giving guidelines. I called and spoke to a staff person that Thursday afternoon for 5 minutes. I was asked to send in some information. I did so immediately after hanging up. Friday morning I got a call from the Executive Director of the Foundation asking if I could meet with them the following Monday at 1:00. On Monday I was cordially greeted by the Executive Director and two of the trustees of the Foundation. We spoke for 30 minutes.

Things seemed to be going well, but I didn't realize how well till the following Wednesday when I got a call committing $15,000 to the North Metro Miracle League.

GrantStation works and has worked more than once for our relatively small 501c3. The services provided are user friendly, and especially friendly to people like me, a non-professional volunteer organizer and fund raiser.

Jane M. Goddard, Esq.
Program Coordinator for Central Florida
Center for Earth Jurisprudence

Let me also say that I am so pleased with the information you have. I almost always find exactly what I am looking for, and so easily! You are doing a wonderful job.

Kurt B. Crays
Director of U.S. Advancement
World Relief

I am hopeful you get frequent kudos for all that you provide to ALDE members. Thank you for the GrantStation Insider material. I use it, have discovered many new foundation prospects, and have submitted several proposals. While we have not yet received funding, you have provided us with additional leads that have connected us to individuals whose hearts beat as ours here at World Relief. Thank you and may God continue to bless your work.

Jacquie Johnson
Fort Miami Heritage Society

Just a note to say Thank You! I recently purchased a donated copy of GrantStation.com from Tech Soup. Because we are a very small non-profit we never would have been able to afford your wonderful services without your generous donation. I have been using GrantStation since last week and have already identified several funders of which I was not aware. Thanks again for providing this great opportunity.

Wendy Burtner Owens
Director of Grantmaker Services

GrantStation is a grantseeker's dream come true. The U.S. Charitable Giving Database is both deep and wide; it contains extensive information on a broad number of funders. And it is the most up-to-date source of funder information that I have come across. The educational modules are informative for beginners as well as pros; they are easy to read, yet comprehensive. I have referred a number of colleagues to GrantStation to find funding opportunities and learn how to write winning proposals.

Patti J. Saunders
Development Director
Foundation of the Arc

I've been using GrantStation for two years. You could say I'm part of a "small development shop," but the truth is I'm a one-person development office. I do it all - and I couldn't do it without GrantStation. If I could have only one research tool to get the grants my organization needs . . . it would be GrantStation.

GrantStation is by far the best investment any grantseeking professional can make. It's got more information - and that information is more up-to-date and more useful - than directories that cost several times as much! Why buy a book or CD-ROM that's updated annually for a couple thousand dollars, when you can get GrantStation for a third of that . . . including free updates almost daily!?

You can pay a lot of money for directories that are unhelpful or even misleading about the geographic interest of funders. GrantStation tells you right up front whether you're wasting your time pursuing a funding source that doesn't include your little corner of the world in its universe.

GrantStation technical support is fabulous. Someone always responds quickly to my cries for help. And they're so friendly, too - they make me feel like I'm part of the team.

Using GrantStation is the fastest way to do grant research and get high quality results. Because it's online, it saves hours of time . . . so you can concentrate on writing the proposals instead of on finding where to send them.

I adore the GrantStation Insider. GrantStation does the reading for you and distills it all into a compact and timely publication. It never gets stuck on my "reading pile," where so many other documents are languishing in oblivion.

Chuck Barber, MPA, CFRE
Fund Development and Grant Writing Consultant

What I find especially useful about GrantStation is that the information is frequently updated and customized for my state.

While I use a variety of databases and Internet web directories for funding source research, I always start with GrantStation and generally find that it has the most useful, comprehensive, and current information.

It is important to have accurate data on foundation contacts and guidelines. I have been using GrantStation for four years. It is very dependable and extremely easy to use!

Jodie Stover
Public Radio Network

GrantStation is an effective tool for grantseeking because it is so centrally located. There are so many foundations with money to give to nonprofit groups. Finding them is the hardest part. GrantStation makes the finding process much easier for me.

Dick Farris
Youth Leadership Foundation

GrantStation allows me to access foundations and other sources of funding much quicker than the other program I use. It is exceedingly fast and I have found the information on the foundations excellent in description. The featured funders of the day have been on target for me twice. I especially find the GrantStation Insider relevant to my work - it is a feature I look forward to every Thursday.

GrantStation is an investment that has paid many dividends in its information. I recommend it as the best source of current, up-to-date funder information that is available.

I have found GrantStation to be well worth the cost in terms of assisting me in finding sources of money. Keep up the good work.

Cindy Pilot
Louden Tribal Council

I'm just emailing to let you know that the Louden Tribal Council received $13,435.00 from the Charlotte Y. Martin Foundation to help with building a softball field for the community. The people of Galena are really active in softball – there are little league teams all the way up to 40 and over.

We found the information on the Charlotte Y. Martin Foundation on your database. We then contacted Ellen (with GrantStation preferred partner, the Funding Exchange) and got tips from her for our proposal. I just wanted to thank you for the information and the Funding Exchange for assistance with our proposal.

Ann R. Smith, JD, MBA
Executive Director

Today was one of those that had just too many priorities to meet. I was disappointed that I could not join the webinar this afternoon. When I saw that the recording was already available, I decided to invest the 90 minutes to view it tonight-an excellent decision. Not having the opportunity to provide feedback in ReadyTalk, I am reaching out to commend you on a well-done webinar. The technology worked, the content was high quality, informative and practical. The graphics were creative and on point. The presentation was interesting and held my attention for the whole 90 minutes.