Educational Institution Programs

GrantStation has a variety of programs that can fit the particular needs of your educational institution!

Do you just have a central development office?
You can purchase an individual Membership, which includes our dashboard for saving search results. Check out our current price.
Do you have staff in other departments who seek grants?

For fewer than 10 staff members, each can purchase their own individual Membership. Check out our current price.

If there are 10 to 39 staff members, you can make an Educational Volume Purchase for your staff at $99 per Membership.

If you have 40 or more staff members, you can participate in our Premium Licensing Program to give all of your staff individual access, starting at $937.50/quarter.

Do you have a central library or resource center?

You can participate in our Library Patron Program, where all of your staff and students can get general access to GrantStation for $399/year inside the library. This does not include individual dashboards.

If you have multiple resource centers, each is $299/year.

Do you teach grantseeking in your courses?

You can purchase our Instructional Package on the basics of grantseeking. This includes logins to GrantStation for your students through the course.

You can also purchase group registrations for our various webinars on specific topics.

For additional information contact David Preis.