State of Grantseeking Survey and Reports

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Whether you manage a nonprofit organization, an educational institution, or a government agency, there is one truth that is self-evident: there is never enough money to do the good work you feel you need to do. So, we all ask ourselves these questions:

  • Who will fund my organization?
  • What is a reasonable level of funding to expect for my organization?
  • Does my budget, location, or mission affect my organization’s ability to be awarded grants?

The primary goal of the twice-yearly State of Grantseeking™ survey and report that we conduct at GrantStation is to help you understand the recent trends in grantseeking, and how you can use those trends to grow your organization.

The information in our reports can serve as benchmarks for you to compare your grantseeking efforts with those of other organizations like yours. We’re pleased to be able to share them you, to assist you in your good work.

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