Membership Programs

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Programs to Help You Build Membership

Premium Licensing Program (PLP)

Organizations throughout the U.S. are suffering from a membership attrition epidemic.

Don’t lower your rates.

Don’t cut your budget or your staff.

Change your deliverables!

Become a PLP Partner, and add immediate, measurable value to your organization’s membership benefits. Through PLP, partners can offer their members full access to GrantStation and its numerous benefits via the secure area of their own website.

Membership Value Program (MVP)

The Membership Value Program (MVP) is a great way for organizations to add value to the benefits they offer constituent organizations, field offices, and/or members. By becoming a MVP partner, your organization can offer deeply discounted access to the GrantStation website and also benefit from a new revenue stream.

Volume Purchase Option (VPO)

The Volume Purchase Option (VPO) allows organizations and grantmakers to add value to the benefits they already offer to their grantees, constituent organizations, field offices, and/or members. Through VPO, your organization purchases a volume of GrantStation Memberships at a significant discount to help those you serve identify and secure additional grant funds.

If you are part of an educational institution, review our guide to determine which program is best for you.