Want to compare your grantseeking to other similar organizations?

Get customized benchmarks from the grantseeking experience of over 1,750 nonprofit leaders who responded to The 2022 State of Grantseeking Survey and Report about their grantseeking work in 2021.

  • The Benchmarker is a resource that can strengthen your ability to secure grant awards by providing a realistic framework for your grantseeking plans and goals.
  • Use your financial reports from 2021 to answer the questions below. The next survey and report for 2022 grantseeking work will be published in late spring of 2023.
  • Members can use this report along with the R3: Revenue Review and Report to set grants program objectives which define how much to pursue and from which types of grantmakers.
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  • You can learn more about the methodology for the Benchmarker.
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The following two questions are required.

What is your annual budget range?
What is your mission focus?

You can view a basic report with the responses of those surveyed within the mission and budget that you selected.

Customize Your Report

You can view a customized report that also includes your own responses. You will need your prior year's grantseeking information including number of grants submitted and received, award amounts, and funding sources.

1. What is the age of your organization?
2. What is your organization's paid staff size (36 to 40 hour per week full-time equivalent employees)?
(Enter amount without a dollar sign or comma.)
4. What percentage of your organization's funding is from grants?
5. What percentage of your organization's grants are recurring grants?
6. From what sources does your organization receive grant funding? (Check all that apply.)
7. Approximately how many grant requests did your organization submit in 2021?
8. To your knowledge, how many grant awards did your organization receive in 2021?
9. Within which range was the TOTAL amount of grants awarded to your organization in 2021?
(Enter amount without a dollar sign or comma.)
11. Which was the largest source of TOTAL grant funding for your organization in 2021?
12. If your organization was awarded a grant in 2021, what was the source of the LARGEST grant awarded?
(Enter amount without a dollar sign or comma.)
14. How long was the grant cycle, from proposal submission to award decision, for your LARGEST grant award?
15. If your organization was awarded a grant in 2021, what was the type of support of your LARGEST award?
16. In 2021, were any of your grant applications collaborative (joint applications with other organizations)?
17. If you collaborated on a grant application in 2021, did your collaborative grant application win an award?
18. What, in your opinion, is the greatest challenge to successful grantseeking?