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Past Issues

National Funding Opportunities
Support for Racial Dialogue Initiatives in Higher Education
Awards Recognize Local Economic Development Efforts
Native Language Programs Supported
Grants Promote Natural Foods and Cooperative Development

Regional Funding Opportunities
Programs for At-Risk Youth in Oregon and Washington Supported
Funds for Rural Arts and Environmental Projects in Five States
Grants Strengthen Employment Options for New Jersey Citizens with Disabilities
Support for Water Protection Initiatives in Company Communities

Federal Funding
Environmental Education Supported
Program Funds Arts for the Underserved

National Funding Opportunities
Support for Nursing-Driven Healthcare Initiatives
Secondary School Improvement Systems for Disadvantaged Students Funded
Grants Strengthen Programs for Children Impacted by Domestic Violence
Digital Access for Unique Cultural Collections Supported

Regional Funding Opportunities
Funds for New Jersey Community Health Coalitions
Grants Promote Oral Health in Minnesota
Support for Youth Programs and Climate Change Initiatives in the Pacific Northwest
Health Programs in Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, and Oklahoma Funded

Federal Funding
Environmental Innovation Supported
Program Enhances Development of Museum Staff

National Funding Opportunities
Support for Communities to Prepare for Environmental Challenges
New Dance Works Funded
Grants to Develop Rural Community Design Workshops
Hiking Trail Projects Supported

Regional Funding Opportunities
Funds for Literacy Programs in Company Communities
Matching Grants Promote Healthy Living in Iowa and South Dakota
Support for Climate Resilience Initiatives in the Arctic Region
Organizations in Northern California and Hawaii Funded

Federal Funding
Historic Preservation Supported
Award Honors Young Environmentalists

National Funding Opportunities
Support for Employment Initiatives to Assist People with Disabilities
Cardiovascular Health Programs Funded
Grants Promote Economic Literacy Efforts
Local Green Space Projects Supported

Regional Funding Opportunities
Funds for Economic Mobility Initiatives in Bank Communities
Grants Enhance Health Literacy Efforts in Florida
Support for Education Programs for the Underserved in Washington, DC
Children's Health and Wellness Programs in New Hampshire Funded

Federal Funding
Program Seeks to Increase Organ Donation
Environmental Careers for Youth and Veterans Supported


National Funding Opportunities
Support for the Preservation of Rare Recordings
Programs Addressing HIV Health Issues Funded
Grants Promote Leadership Development for Young Jewish Women
Children and Youth Theatre Projects Supported

Regional Funding Opportunities
Funds for Oral Health Programs in Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana
Grants Strengthen Direct Services for Hawaiians
Support for Communities Served by CSX
Organizations Tackling Poverty in the Southeast Funded

Federal Funding
Program Supports Victims of Violence
Funds Available for Arts and Cultural Projects

National Funding Opportunities
Support for Local Government and Foundation Partnerships in the U.S. and Canada
National Jewish Cultural Programs Funded
Technical Assistance Grants Promote Drug Arrest Diversion Initiatives
Innovative Classroom Redesign Supported Throughout North America

Regional Funding Opportunities
Funds for Rural Programs in Idaho and Montana
Grants Strive to Improve Healthcare in the Washington, DC, Region
Support for Children and Youth Services Programs in Minnesota
Middle and High School Sports Programs in 44 States Funded

Federal Funding
Community Service Efforts Supported
Funding Benefits Families of Children With Special Healthcare Needs

National Funding Opportunities
Support for Financial Education and Empowerment Programs
Conflict Resolution Initiatives for Youth Funded
Grants Strengthen Equity, Justice, and Human Rights
Programs Promoting Education and Equity for Women and Girls Supported

Regional Funding Opportunities
Funds to Address Immigrant and Refugee Concerns in Oregon
Grants Increase Healthcare Access for Massachusetts Residents
Support for Social Justice Initiatives in Alaska
Programs Strengthening Maine Communities Funded

Federal Funding
Veteran Businesses Supported
Program Funds Humanities in the Media

National Funding Opportunities
Support for Wireless Technology to Tackle Social Issues
Progressive Justice Initiatives in the U.S., Haiti, and Mexico Funded
Grants Promote Youth-Led Environmental Education Projects
Award Strengthens Solutions to Systemic Criminalization

Regional Funding Opportunities
Opioid Misuse Programs in Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, and West Virginia Supported
Funds for Youth Programs in Oklahoma and Surrounding States
Planning Grants for New England Programs to Boost High School Graduation
Capital Support for Local Basketball Courts in Six Urban Areas

Federal Funding
Program Funds Technology for Historic Preservation
Transportation Service Learning Supported

National Funding Opportunities
Grants Enhance Programs for People with Spinal Cord Injury in the U.S. and Canada
Summer Fellowships for Pre-K-12 Teachers
Support for Initiatives Addressing Climate Change and Inequality
Efforts to End Domestic Violence Recognized

Regional Funding Opportunities
Programs for Disadvantaged Youth in Massachusetts Funded
Grants Strengthen Local Organizations in Company Communities in 35 States
Support for Health Care Services in Virginia
K-12 Teachers in West Virginia and Wyoming Honored

Federal Funding
Funds Available to Improve Air Travel for Small Communities
Program Helps Families Affected by Violence

National Funding Opportunities
Support for Community Partnerships to Address Water Issues
Programs for Military Service Members and Veterans Funded
Grants Promote Fair Elections and Equal Political Participation
Awards Recognize Outstanding Child Care Teachers

Regional Funding Opportunities
Economic Opportunity Projects in Six Urban Areas Supported
Funds for Organizations Aiding Needy Children in North Carolina
Grants Enhance Educational Success for Oregon’s Diverse Youth
Community Organizations in Colorado Supported

Federal Funding
Program Brings Local Food to Schools
Environmental Jobs Supported