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Past Issues

COVID-19 Related Funding
World Justice Project: World Justice Challenge 2021
Foundation for Educational Exchange Between Canada and the United States of America (Fulbright Canada): Post-COVID Challenge
Japan Foundation New York: JFNY Grant for Arts & Culture

National Funding Opportunities
Challenge Tackles Racial Inequity Worldwide
Support for the Preservation of Rare Recordings
Youth-Led Service Projects Funded
Grants Promote Fire Prevention and Control

Regional Funding Opportunities
Folk Arts Projects in California Supported
Funds for School Libraries in Company Communities Affected by Disasters
Grants Aid EMT Training in Colorado
Support for Local Organizations in Bank Communities

Federal Funding Opportunities
Program Addresses Opioids in Native American Communities
Funds Available to Research Effects of Wildland Fire Smoke Exposure

COVID-19 Related Funding
National Geographic Society: COVID-19 Emergency Fund for Journalists
First Nations Development Institute: California Tribal Fund COVID-19 Recovery and Resiliency
Foundation for Appalachian Ohio: African American Community Fund

National Funding Opportunities
Support for Criminal Justice Reform Nationwide
Mental Health Initiatives Focused on First Responders Funded
Grants Available for Racial Equity Practitioners
Instrument Purchases for Youth Music Programs Supported

Regional Funding Opportunities
Funds for Economic Opportunity Programs in Bank Communities
Grants Promote Social Justice Efforts in New England
Support for Michigan Organizations Enhancing Communities and Education
Recruiting Funds for Healthcare Facilities in Tennessee

Federal Funding Opportunities
Support Available to Address COVID-19 Health Disparities
Program Addresses Pandemic Using Technology and Innovation

COVID-19 Related Funding
National Geographic: COVID-19 Remote Learning Emergency Fund for Educators
Red Sox Foundation
Paso Del Norte Community Foundation: COVID-19 Request for Proposals

National Funding Opportunities
Support for Human Progress and Independent Media Initiatives
Gardening Programs for Youth Funded
Grants Boost the Marketing Efforts of Environmental Organizations
Collaborative Local News Projects Supported

Regional Funding Opportunities
Funds for Senior Services in Seven States
Grants Promote Positive Change in Louisiana and New Mexico
Support for Building Community Momentum in North Carolina
Organizations Enhancing Hawaiian Communities Funded

Federal Funding Opportunities
Program Supports PPE for Firefighters
Funds Available for Humanities Media Projects

COVID-19 Related Funding
Mission Asset Fund: Immigrant Families Fund
The Community Foundations COVID-19 Grant Program 
The Greater Cincinnati Foundation and United Way of Greater Cincinnati: COVID-19 Regional Response Fund

National Funding Opportunities
Support for Initiatives to Encourage Walking in Communities Nationwide
Exceptional Programs for Alzheimer's Caregivers Honored
Youth Conflict Resolution Education Efforts Funded
Grants Promote STEM Education for Girls

Regional Funding Opportunities
Efforts to Address Health Issues in Wisconsin Supported
Funds for Organizations Improving the Quality of Life in California
Capital Grants Benefit Mini Pitch Soccer Fields in Georgia
Support for Colorado Initiatives to Foster Self-Reliance

Federal Funding Opportunities
Funds Available to Improve Rural Health
Employment Programs for Public Housing Residents Supported

COVID-19 Related Funding
Fund for Investigative Journalism: Coronavirus Rolling Grant for U.S. Freelancers
William G. and Marie Selby Foundation
Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Phoenix: COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund

National Funding Opportunities
Awards Encourage Healthy Aging Worldwide
Support for Efforts to Address Workers’ Issues 
Student Behavioral Health Programs Funded
Solar Energy Assistance for BIPOC Organizations

Regional Funding Opportunities
Grants Enhance Environmental Education for Oregon Youth
Legal Services for Women and Girls in Georgia Supported
Funds for Community Organizations in Washington State
Grants Promote Oral Health for Arizonans

Federal Funding Opportunities
Funds Available to Improve Museum Services
Program Assists Public Housing Residents

COVID-19 Related Funding
Borealis Philanthropy: Spark Justice Fund
Sipp Culture Artist Relief Fund
TD Charitable Foundation: Housing for Everyone Grant Competition

National Funding Opportunities
Support for Efforts to Empower the Disadvantaged 
Youth Softball and Baseball Programs Funded
Grants Promote Social Justice, Climate Change, and Innovative Arts Efforts
Young Volunteers Throughout the U.S. Honored

Regional Funding Opportunities
Organizations in Arizona, California, and Nevada Supported
Funds for Art Education in Connecticut, Florida, and New York
Grants Further Just and Sustainable Communities in Five States
Community-Based Programs in Maine Funded

Federal Funding Opportunities
Program Addresses Lead Paint and Other Hazards in Public Housing
Funds Available to Train Rural Healthcare Workers

COVID-19 Related Funding
Economic Hardship Reporting Project
The Agnes M. Lindsay Trust

National Funding Opportunities
Support for Environmental and K-12 Financial Literacy Programs
Recorded Sound Preservation Projects and Music Research Funded
Grants Foster Grassroots Social Change 
Fellowships Honor Native Leaders in the U.S.

Regional Funding Opportunities
Collaborative Initiatives to Address the Health of Arizonans Supported
Funds for Community Initiatives in the Northeast U.S.
Grants Enhance Animal Welfare Organizations in Iowa
Support for Nonprofit Organizations in Nine Western States

Federal Funding Opportunities
Program Supports Species Conservation Efforts by Tribes
Funds Available to Preserve and Interpret WWII Confinement Sites

COVID-19 Related Funding
The Brave of Heart Fund
Community Foundation for Southern Arizona: COVID-19 Community Support Fund
Arts | Equity | Reimagined Fund 

National Funding Opportunities
Support for Efforts to Enhance the Health of Americans
Grassroots Groups Committed to Local Communities Funded
Grants Introduce Japanese Performing Arts to U.S. and Canadian Audiences
Animal Welfare Organizations Supported

Regional Funding Opportunities
Funds Address Social Justice Issues in Oregon 
Grants Promote Cross-Cultural Understanding in Selected Regions
Support for Innovative Energy Projects in New Jersey
Oral Health Initiatives in Oklahoma Funded

Federal Funding Opportunities
Funds Available for Environmental Projects by Farmers
Program Promotes Safety at Train Crossings

COVID-19 Related Funding
FACE Foundation: Transitioning to Virtual Exchange
Sisters of St. Joseph Healthcare Foundation Emergency Response Fund
Bread & Roses: Solidarity Fund for COVID-19 Organizing

National Funding Opportunities
Support for Projects to Help People Living With Paralysis
Nonprofit Theatre and Dance Companies Funded
Grants Aid Efforts to Improve the Health of People Who Use Drugs
K-12 School Edible Gardens Supported

Regional Funding Opportunities
Funds for Efforts to Challenge Anti-Blackness in New England Schools
Grants Enhance Rural Communities in Targeted States
Support for Natural Resources Workforce Training in Alaska
Youth Organizations in Company Communities in the U.S. and Canada Funded

Federal Funding Opportunities
Program Supports Marine Fisheries
Funds Available to Help Brownfields

COVID-19 Related Funding
Futures Forum on Learning: Tools Competition
Federation of State Medical Boards Foundation: COVID-19 State Response Grants
Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) Knight Cancer Institute: Community Partnership Program

National Funding Opportunities
Support for Programs Led by People With Disabilities
Efforts to Keep Domestic Violence Survivors and Pets Together Funded
Grants Assist American Performing Artists Participating in Festivals Abroad 
Carbon-Reducing Initiatives in U.S. Communities Supported

Regional Funding Opportunities
Matching Funds for Park Friends Groups in New York State
Grants Empower Hawaiian Women and Girls
Support for Energy Conservation Educational Projects in Company Communities
Organizations Advancing the Health of Utah Residents Funded

Federal Funding Opportunities
Funds Available for Humanities Discussions About War
Program Helps Community Colleges Strengthen the Workforce