by Cynthia M. Adams, CEO, GrantStation.com

The timeline answers the question how long will this project take and the use of the specific funds requested.

For example, a construction project may take two years to complete, but the grant funds you are seeking will be used for the design stage, which may last only three months.

You need to be clear about both timelines so the grantmaker knows when you will need the funds and how quickly they will be expended. It is acceptable to keep this section concise in the LOI.

Here are three distinct examples of a timeline for the LOI. Choose the technique that works best for your project.

If you know the approximate dates, your timeline might read:

Timeline: January 2024 through March 2025

If you know you can't start the project until the funds are received, but have a general idea how much time the project will take your timeline might read:

Timeline: 18-months from start date

If you know some of the specifics of the project, you can summarize those aspects in the timeline. For...

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