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How to Become a Payroll Detective

Welcome, intrepid payroll sleuths, to a world where keen observation and wit stand between order and the chaos of fraud and errors. Giving Payroll, in collaboration with a network of QuickBooks experts, invites you to this masterclass in financial forensics, sharpening your skills in detecting and deterring the subtlest signs of payroll deceit.

While many working in the nonprofit sector assume payroll fraud is rare and it “won't affect our organization,” the reality is different. Fraud is prevalent and can affect any organization, regardless of size or sector. In fact, nonprofits are often specifically targeted due to perceived weaker controls and the trust-based nature of their operations.

During this webinar, David Webb will help you safeguard your organization from fraud and errors by enhancing financial integrity and trust. You’ll learn how to protect your organization’s assets, ensuring your vital resources are used effectively.

Throughout this investigative journey, you’ll delve into the following areas:

Email Scams: Decipher the clues and trace the origins of these deceptive plots.

User ID Theft and Hacking: Employ cyber-sleuthing to protect identities and secure data.

Ghost Employees and Time Theft: Track down the traces of these elusive entities and their impacts on your resources.

Fictitious Expenses and Vendors: Spot the discrepancies and dismantle these financial illusions.

Payroll Manipulation: Decode the altered numbers and restore the truth of your financial records.

Internal vs. External Fraud: Learn the art of internal investigations, recognizing that, more often than not, the threat is from within.

You’ll hear directly from a QuickBooks expert specializing in the nonprofit sector so you walk away ready to set up an intricate web of checks and balances and reporting techniques which will help you catch discrepancies at their onset.

This webinar is perfect for executive directors, bookkeepers, employees, and volunteers who are ready to take their payroll responsibilities to the next level of scrutiny and precision. 

CFRE LogoFull participation in this webinar is applicable for 1 points in Category 1.B -Education of the CFRE International application for initial certification and/or recertification.

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David Webb

Since 2009, David has championed the cause of nonprofits, offering advocacy and training across the nation. It was during this time that he identified a crucial gap: the need for a payroll provider that prioritizes client welfare over profit margins. Thus, Giving Payroll™ was born. As a licensed ADP payroll provider, Giving Payroll combines dedication to exceptional customer service with ADP's reliable processes, specifically tailored for nonprofits.

David serves as the Director of Nonprofit Payroll Services. His team's commitment to understanding and addressing the unique challenges faced by nonprofits has made Giving Payroll a trusted partner in the sector. For inquiries or support, reach out to David directly at david@givingpayroll.com.

David Webb