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GrantStation profiles funders that can help you support your organization toward growth and sustainability

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Grantmakers giving to projects like yours—Choose from over 225 unique search terms to home in on the right funders. 

Funders that are accepting inquiries in the coming year—Be strategic and save time in your grantseeking.

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Private funding—Foundations, corporate giving programs, faith-based grantmakers, association grant programs, giving circles, and more. 

Government funding—At the federal/national and the state/provincial level in the U.S. and Canada.

Projects, Priorities, Plans, and Alerts

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Use the Decision Matrix—Determine if pursuing a funder is worth your time. 

Get updates on funders—Receive email alerts of saved funder updates such as new deadlines and new requirements. 

Get alerts on new funders—Also receive email alerts of newly added funders that match your interests and geographic scope. 

Save reports—Manage reports from the Benchmarker and PathFinder.

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Create projects—Enter projects in your dashboard to focus your research and trigger new funder alerts. 

Develop a “lead” list—Include grantmaker profiles that match your projects. 

Prioritize funders—Prioritize your saved funders as high, medium, low, or N/A. 

Export your list—Export your list of saved grantmakers to other systems.

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Set milestone dates—Add relevant dates for drafts, submissions, and decisions to your calendar, and also create email reminders. 

Track opportunities—Track identified funding opportunities, indicating the status of your request from start to decision.


Quality You Can Trust,
Affordable on Purpose.

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