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European Artificial Intelligence Fund

The European Artificial Intelligence (AI) Fund is a philanthropic initiative hosted by the Network of European Foundations that aims to shape the direction of AI in Europe. The Fund's long-term vision is to promote an ecosystem of European public interest and civil society organizations working on policy and technology, based on a diversity of actors and a plurality of goals that represents society as a whole 

The Fund's first call for proposals seeks to strengthen the ability of civil society organizations in Europe to effectively shape and influence public and policy debates about the shape and form that Europe’s digital transformation should take. The aim is to help build the capacity of those who already work on AI and Automated Decision Making (ADM). At the same time, the Fund would like to bring in new civil society actors to the debate, especially those who haven’t worked on issues relating to AI yet, but whose domain of work is affected by AI.

Grants can be used for general operating support and for institutional strengthening.

Eligible applicants include civil society organizations registered in the EU, EEA, the U.K., Switzerland, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Serbia, Montenegro, and North Macedonia.

Application Procedures

Application guidelines are available on the Fund's website when there is an open call for proposals.