Making Connections: Building a Stronger Nonprofit Community


Perhaps you have heard of the Philanthropy Journal, and maybe you have sent us a press release or read a Feature story. Philanthropy Journal, a free resource for the entire nonprofit sector, serves as a platform to elevate the voices and the work of the nonprofit sector in order to build a stronger, more connected community. We want to share with you what that means, and how you can engage in this global publication.

The Philanthropy Journal started as a column in a local Raleigh, NC, newspaper. Throughout the years it has had a few different homes. In 2010, it was gifted to the Institute for Nonprofits at North Carolina State University. We are proud to call NCSU home. It is important to note that the Journal is a publication at a university, rather than a publication of a university. The difference being that we share news and stories from organizations around the globe. We are not a communication vehicle for the Institute or University, but we engage closely with each to ensure that we are providing experiential education opportunities for students and building relationships across North Carolina as part of the land grant mission of the University.

When I came on board in the fall of 2014, the Journal was on hiatus. There was no staff, and the future for the Journal seemed bleak. I was charged with bringing the Journal off hiatus and to better connect it to the Institute and University. It did not make sense for us to continue down the reporting path the Journal had been on. We didn’t have the capacity to go around covering news and events, and we do not have a Journalism School at NCSU to draw talent from. Instead, we transformed the Journal into a resource entity rather than a reporting entity. As such, we consider ourselves a free resource for the entire nonprofit sector, offering the following different forms of content in our online publication to help build and strengthen the nonprofit community.

Jobs Board

Organizations from around the country post open positions on our nonprofit Jobs Board. Job seekers can access these postings for free. There is a nominal fee for postings, which generates earned income that helps us remain a free resource.

News Bits

Each week, we publish nonprofit news digests for North Carolina and the United States. With our global reach, we offer a monthly international digest as well. Press releases that are submitted to us are pared down so that our readers can quickly stay up to date with what is happening in the sector. It is an easily accessible way to keep a finger on the pulse of the nonprofit sector, and a great weekly reminder of all the good news that is happening around the country.

Resource Articles

Our resource articles are published every other week. These thought leadership pieces offer instruction, insight, and best practices in order to create a stronger nonprofit sector. We also offer translations of reports and academic research in our resource content so that the implications of research can get into the hands of practitioners.

Feature Stories

Feature stories, which focus on different mission areas of the nonprofit sector, are published once a month. This is a way for us to both organize our content as well as demonstrate how deep and broad the nonprofit sector is. We use the National Taxonomy of Exempt Entities Core Codes as our editorial calendar.

Feature stories offer an opportunity for nonprofit practitioners to be reflective of their work, to share what it is that has been successful in their organization, and what their lessons learned have been, so that readers may take ideas from the piece and apply it to their own work, regardless of mission area. We view this content as a way to build community by highlighting organizations from the one person shop to multinational organizations, and everything in between; by connecting our readers with organizations they may not be aware of; and by providing a space for organizations to amplify their accomplishments.


The Nonprofit Experience (TNE), the Journal’s podcast, builds upon the work of Feature stories. We pair up individuals based on their relationship to one another for organic conversations around topics of relevance to the nonprofit sector. We call it The Nonprofit Experience because every single person on the planet is positively impacted by the work of the nonprofit sector in some way. By expanding beyond just nonprofit practitioners, we seek to bring everyone into the conversation. These creative collisions show us that there is no one nonprofit experience, but a whole community of people dedicated to and affected by nonprofit work.

Get involved!

Because we are a free resource for the sector, we want to make sure that you are taking advantage of this platform. Add to your media lists. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to join the conversation. Subscribe to TNE on Stitcher, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts. Share your thought leadership or pitch a Feature story to us via our email. You can check out our editorial calendar to see upcoming focus areas for our Feature stories. Post or search positions on our Jobs Board. And of course, be sure to subscribe to our free newsletters. (We will never spam you or share your personal information.)