New Feature: Member Insights on Grantmakers


We want to hear from you! We have shared our information on grantmakers - now we want you to share your insights.

We now offer a new feature on all of our charitable grantmaker profiles. If you have submitted a request to a grantmaker within the past three years, you can let us know how it went so that we can share your experience with the rest of our grantseeking Members. We have developed a quick questionnaire with a few click boxes: Was the funder responsive? Were the guidelines clear? If you won an award, was the effort worth it at the end of the day? Your experience can be helpful for others as they determine which grant opportunities to pursue with their limited time. And their experience can be helpful for you as well. Check out this example of one of our Member's insights on the Mardag Foundation.

The idea for this feature came from our interest in gathering the insights of our Member community. We all have different experiences that deserve a voice. GrantStation has 14,000 individual Members and 60,000 more who have access to our Member resources. You all have inside knowledge on how various funders have different requirements for requests before an award and for reporting after an award. You have the scoop on how easy each one is to work with. 

So take a moment to log in and share your feedback. It can take less than a minute, but it will yield rewards for all of your fellow Members!

Action steps you can take today
  • If you are Member, log into GrantStation.
  • Go to your charitable search section: U.S., Canada, or International.
  • Think of a funder that you submitted a request to. In the Grantmaker Name field, search by name.
  • Click on the "Share your feedback" button and complete the questionnaire.
  • Check out the results on other grantmaker profiles to view feedback from other Members.