New Ways to Fundraise: Use Capital Campaign Strategies-RECORDING

Webinar Recording
Are your fundraising efforts generating the expected results? Do your events bring in what you need?

If not, you need to bridge the gap.

One solution? Pursue larger donations.

Of course, major-gift fundraising can be a big leap for many small nonprofits, especially if your organization doesn’t have much experience with this type of fundraising.

It’s challenging to know where to get started, who to ask, and how to approach them.

You can gain the confidence needed to pursue larger donations by implementing capital campaign solicitation strategies into your everyday fundraising efforts.

During this webinar, Kevin Wallace and Carlyn Schulzke of will lead you through a proven process used in capital campaigns that can empower you to prepare for and make asks of major-gift prospects.

By integrating these strategies and processes into your general fundraising efforts, you will first set goals, identify donor prospects, and create materials. Then you will educate, cultivate, solicit, and steward those prospects at an appropriate level.

During the webinar you will: 

  • learn how to translate the steps of a capital campaign into your everyday fundraising efforts so you can boost results; 
  • identify the cohesive materials needed to carry you through the effort; 
  • gain an understanding of how to identify your ideal donors using data and research; and, 
  • learn new strategies to cultivate, ask, and steward those donors at an appropriate level and in a personal way. 

Major-gift fundraising may even prepare you, your staff, and your board to enter that capital campaign you have been considering. 

This webinar is perfect for small- to medium-sized nonprofits who do not have major-gift ($10,000+) fundraising or capital campaign experience but are looking for new ways to diversify their efforts.

90 Minutes