Prepare to Win

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Published: December 2020

When writing a grant proposal, we spend about 80% of our time preparing attachments, including updating documents we already have at our fingertips and creating new documents. If all these documents were current and ready to copy into a proposal how many more grant requests could you submit each year?

The two modules in this short series focus on preparing documents ahead of time, keeping them up to date, and generating visuals to help support your request.

The first module focuses on building a solid foundation for your grantseeking program. That means developing and adopting a set of well-conceived program policies and procedures to guide the program’s management. There are lots of suggestions and examples to draw from in this module.

The second module focuses on generating engaging documents that will strengthen your request for support. We provide many examples in this training to help you build credibility and clarity into the documents, making sure each is both engaging and enlightening.

Together, these two modules provide a solid foundation for building a powerful grantseeking program for your nonprofit organization.

How to Build a Solid Foundation
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It is very common for an organization to simply fall into the grantseeking mode. First one proposal is written, and then another, and it goes on…

Generate Engaging Documents
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Establishing that your organization is trustworthy to receive funding from a grantmaker is vitally important. There are a number of ways you can…