Premium Marketing Program (PMP)

The Premium Marketing Program provides a series of advertisements over twelve months, repeating the message to gain recognition and traction. Your message is presented in narrative and visual formats, and is delivered via newsletter, webpage, image sidebar, social media, and blog post. You also receive an annual membership to

We offer you a very targeted audience within the world of nonprofit organizations. GrantStation’s readership is predominantly comprised of executives at nonprofit organizations and educational institutions with annual budgets over $500,000 and over 25 years of good works.

Our marketing reach per week:

  • 65,000 double opt-in email recipients;

  • Over 51,000 average weekly homepage views;

  • 75,000 partner audience recipients via email, hyperlink or webpage view;

  • 25,000 social media impressions;

  • 750 blog post views.

These advertisements and announcements carry our implied endorsement; we limit advertisers to GrantStation Members, partners, program participants, and others by special invitation.

Successful past advertisers have promoted books, surveys, reports, software, NPO services, membership opportunities, webinars, funding opportunities, and annual conferences. We reach the grantseeking universe with this information.

Marketing Vehicles

Over the course of a year, your message receives a minimum of 8 million impression opportunities. The marketing vehicles include:

  • Partner Depot Programs ($10,000 value)

  • Social Media Inclusion ($2,400 value)

    • Twelve Facebook posts

    • Twenty-Four Tweets

  • Four advertorial blog posts on TrendTrack ($2,000 value)


$8,500 for the 12-month period and marketing vehicles as specified. This is a $14,400 value, and a savings of over 40%.

For additional information contact Cynthia Adams.