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Does your organization struggle to find the capacity to apply for funding opportunities and track all the content and tasks associated with writing grant proposals?

AI tools can help overcome many proposal writing obstacles and save you huge amounts of time, but many organizations are still unsure how to best incorporate these tools into their process.

If you’re curious how your organization can take the next step in enhancing your grant proposal writing process, then join Philip Deng, CEO of Grantable, to discover ways you can create synergy between your own grantwriting techniques and processes and the cutting-edge power of Grantable's AI grantwriting software. You’ll see how it can help your organization write faster, organize your content, and win more funding.

During this webinar you’ll:

  • learn about Grantable, how to create a free account, and how to begin using it to draft grant proposals;
  • discover tips and features to get the most out of this powerful software; and, 
  • have the opportunity to talk about the intersection of AI and philanthropic work.

Throughout this interactive session you’ll have a chance to express your concerns and uncertainty about AI and ask questions so you have the information and resources you need to begin exploring AI on your own, if you feel it's a good fit for your organization.

This webinar is perfect for small teams looking for more capacity to go after grants, medium teams looking to level up their grantseeking, large teams looking to optimize, consultants who want to add client capacity, and capacity building organizations interested in helping entire communities to improve grantseeking outcomes.

60 Minutes
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Philip Deng

Philip is the Co-founder and CEO of Grantable, a world-class grantwriting assistant for any organization, powered by AI. He devised the prototype from 15 years of experience working with grant-funded organizations in the nonprofit sector around the world.

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