How Social Service Agencies Can Win National Funding (NEW)

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people gatheredDoes your social service agency want to win grants from national funders?

It is important to understand that not every agency is set up to deliver what national foundations want when they make grants for social services. Because almost all social service work is local or regional in nature, national funders look to local philanthropy to support those efforts.

Instead, national funders tend to see their role differently: they’re generally looking to contribute to the knowledge base, advance innovation, or scale promising solutions. With this in mind, social service agencies seeking national funding need to ask themselves specific questions about what they are doing that other organizations can learn from and replicate. (And if it is worth it, given that their ongoing programs are what most need funding.)

In this webinar, Alayna Buckner, CEO and Founder of Elevate, will address these types of questions, and offer strategies to help your organization plan programs that attract attention and interest from national funders. Elevate works with many social service clients that attract these investments, and Alayna will share the patterns and insights they've gleaned from seeing what wins funding (and what doesn’t).

90 Minutes
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Alayna Buckner

CEO & Founder, Elevate

Alayna Buckner is a licensed nonprofit consultant who has raised tens of millions of dollars for local and national nonprofits. In 2013, she founded Elevate, a grant writing firm that partners with nonprofits across the country to build and run their grant programs. Since 2013, Elevate has worked for over 200 nonprofit organizations and drafted more than 14,000 proposals; last year alone, Elevate raised more than $66 million for its nonprofit clients.
Alayna Buckner