Online Education Spotlight - January 2019

Volume 2, Issue 1

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January 2019

Volume 2 Issue 1

GS Insights Blog

I feel fairly confident that there are some trends gaining momentum that should be noted by those of you trying to secure funding in 2019 and into 2020.

Obviously, I don’t have a crystal ball but I do have something almost as good – my staff.

Our researchers are entrenched in the day-to-day changes happening in the world of philanthropy – particularly grantmakers – so I turned to them and asked for their insights on the direction grantmaking may take in 2019.

GS Insights Blog

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Tracks to Success

As more and more nonprofit organizations adopt technology to do their work—for fundraising, project management, board communications, social media promotion, etc.—the risk of cyberattacks is increasing, even for small organizations. In a rapidly changing technological landscape, all organizations must put in an effort to keep their data—and by extension their clients and supporters—safe. Does your organization have a cybersecurity plan? Are you ready if a cyberattack occurs?

Tracks to Success

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Live Webinars

Online Workshop: QuickBooks Budgeting & Year End Donor Receipts (NEW)

Live Webinars

Available for the first time in QuickBooks Desktop or Online focused versions.

Do you spend hours every month getting budget reports ready for your board meeting? Do you put time into reentering and then manipulating data in Excel to get that "challenging" board member the report he wants? Do you manually generate donor thank you letters in Word? Are you double entering donations in QuickBooks and then again in another donor database that you don't really like or understand?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES, then this workshop is for you! We are very excited to have Gregg Bossen, CPA and president of QuickBooks Made Easy, deliver one of his most popular webinars exclusively for GrantStation.

In this workshop we will first explore how to enter budgets and generate budget reports in minutes for your organization right in QuickBooks. (No more fooling with Excel!)

More Upcoming Webinars

  • Grantwriting 101
    This webinar will be held Thursday, February 7, 2019.
  • Online Workshop: Great Graphs - Tell Your Nonprofit's Story with Data Visualization
    This webinar will be held Thursday, February 14, 2019.
  • Logic Models: More than Just Extra Work!
    This webinar will be held Thursday, February 21, 2019.

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State of Grantseeking

As a part of the grantseeking community, you know how important it is to stay on top of trends. The State of Grantseeking Survey spotlights recent developments in funding so that organizations can be more strategic in their grantseeking. The resulting free reports can serve as a valuable benchmark for organizations to review their grantseeking efforts, and will provide leading-edge information months earlier than other annual surveys.

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Video Learning

Video Learning

Eight Ways to Learn Online with GrantStation in 2019

This video explains how to maximize the abundance of online learning resources available on GrantStation. You will learn how to enhance your understanding of grantwriting, grant strategies, grants management, and information design through online education.

Featured PathFinder Resource

PathFinder is a library of quality resources designed to help you develop your career path.

Gilded Giving 2018: Top-Heavy Philanthropy and Its Perils to the Independent Sector and Democracy

A new Institute for Policy Studies report, Gilded Giving 2018: Top-Heavy Philanthropy and Its Risks to the Independent Sector, takes a close look at the impact of increasing economic inequality on the philanthropic sector. Co-authored by Chuck Collins, Josh Hoxie, and Helen Flannery of the Institute for Policy Studies, the report finds that our charitable sector is currently experiencing a transition from broad-based support across a wide range of donors to top-heavy philanthropy increasingly dominated by a small number of very wealthy individuals and foundations.

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What Our Audience is Saying

My knowledge of dashboards was zero, except for reading and admiring them in different publications. Never thought they could be created so simply as long as your spreadsheet and data are in order. This was a great webinar, and I look forward to practicing and putting the knowledge and skills gained to good use very soon.

Participant in Ann K. Emery's Online Workshop: DIY Dashboards


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