GrantStation Unveils Dashboards for All Members


On January 3rd GrantStation released the new, and much anticipated personal dashboard for all current Members.

The dashboard will greatly expand what you can do as a Member of GrantStation.

First, you can save the funder searches you do and re-run them anytime. This will both save you time and ensure consistency in the criteria you use for your searches.

In addition, you may also save specific grantmaker profiles to your dashboard so you can review them again, quickly and easily.

But your personal dashboard is so much more than just saving your searches and grantmaker profiles. You can now develop project descriptions, in detail, which allows you to ferret out those very important key words that drive your research. We encourage you to fill out a worksheet for every project that requires funding, including general operating support, so that you can use these worksheets to guide your funding research.

We hope your new, personal dashboard is a real game changer for the grantseeking work you do.

If you're not already a Member, it's a great time to join. If you are a Member - enjoy!

You can learn more by watching this video and using this tutorial.