The Major Grants Starter Kit- RECORDING

Webinar Recording
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If you want to compete for your largest grants to date, it’s easy to assume that you need to do more of what helped you secure modest or moderate awards. However, that’s not the case.

Major grants require more than a casual funder relationship or a well-written proposal. You need a roadmap that will lead you to deep foundation and corporate partnerships.

During this webinar, Susan Schaefer of Resource Partners will help you plot the path from your nonprofit’s standard awards to your largest private grants to date. No matter the size of your largest private grants, this is a must-attend webinar.

You will learn how to:

  • attract robust foundation partnerships;
  • set milestones that help your organization stand out from the competition; and,
  • develop a customized plan that you can take to your leadership.

Regardless of your nonprofit’s budget or average-sized award, you will come away with deliverables that you can take to your leadership and use in your day-to-day work including:

  • a roadmap of activities that lead to major grants;
  • a work plan to help you plot out your organization’s readiness and how to move forward; and,
  • assets you can repurpose throughout your nonprofit’s fund development process.

This session is ideal for grant professionals who have some existing success with foundations and are ready to propel their organization’s grantseeking to the next level.

90 Minutes

Susan Schaefer

Susan Schaefer helps nonprofit leaders fund their priorities through major private grants. She is an author, speaker, and consultant whose firm, Resource Partners, guides clients to secure their largest, most impactful foundation and corporate grants.

She has written and contributed to multiple books for the sector and has taught fund development at Johns Hopkins University.

Susan writes a monthly series of articles called Major Grants.

Susan Schaefer