News Subscriptions for State/Provincial Government Agencies

Many government departments offer funding and other financial or technical support to organizations. However, it can be challenging to find exactly where those opportunities are listed on their websites, and even more so when they aren't put together on one convenient page. There are a few strategies to streamline your search in these cases; one of these strategies is to subscribe to the newsfeeds of a department that you believe might have funding opportunities relevant to your organization.

Frequently, government websites will have a page showing relevant department announcements, news, and press releases, including funding announcements. Common titles for these kinds of pages are "News/Press Room,," "Press Releases," "Newsfeed," or simply "News." If it isn't obvious how to find this page from their homepage, try looking in "About Us" tabs, or scan the website's header or footer.

There can be a lot of information to sift through that may not be relevant to you on these pages, especially for departments that put out a lot of press releases. Fortunately, many departments have the opportunity for you to search for specific kinds of announcements, or sign up for an email list with regular updates on department activities. This can save you from wasting time checking back to see if a grant program is reopened yet, or searching fruitlessly through massive, complicated websites.

We link some of these pages on our own site, focusing in particular on agencies and departments that offer subscriptions to news alerts that contain possible funding opportunities, among other useful information. If you are having difficulty finding where this option is on the website, we recommend checking in the margins or on the bottom of the page for vocabulary such as "Stay Informed", "E-Newsletter", or "Subscribe to News Updates".

If you have any further questions about News Subscriptions for State/Provincial Government Agencies, please contact us at Happy grantseeking!