The Baptist Health Foundation of San Antonio is committed to improving the health of the residents of the San Antonio, TX, region, including Atascosa, Bandera, Bexar, Comal, Guadalupe, Kendall, Medina, and Wilson counties.

The Foundation provides grants to:

  • healthcare clinics;
  • indigent care programs;
  • assisted living facilities;
  • mobile health and primary care facilities;
  • substance abuse programs;
  • behavioral health facilities;
  • health education scholarships; and,
  • and other nonprofit healthcare providers.

The following competitive grant opportunities are offered:

Responsive Grants
This program provides grants to organizations committed to improving the quality of health and healthcare of the residents of the Foundation's service area.

Priority is given to:

  • efforts that address health issues of high incidence in the Foundation's communities;
  • the reduction of gaps in service and improving access to care;
  • the elimination of disparities in health; 
  • educational and preventive measures to avert the development of health issues; and,
  • services that address the needs of the medically vulnerable and consider the continuum of care.

Community Impact Grants
This program provides grants that will have a significant impact in meeting the community’s health needs, with emphasis on communities demonstrating the greatest needs. Priority is given to the support of grassroots health activities, church health ministry development, and increased capacity to provide health services.

Grants are not made to/for:

  • automobiles and passenger vans;
  • endowments;
  • multiple requests from an organization (or affiliate organization, as listed on the Form 990);
  • annual fund drives, galas, telethons, or special events; or,
  • requests exceeding 25 percent of an organization’s operating budget.

Application Procedures

Application guidelines are available on the Foundation's website. Applications must be submitted online.