Use the PathFinder to Find Resources


Are you a grantwriter, nonprofit administrator, nonprofit founder, or consultant in the area of nonprofits and charities?

Do you struggle to find great resources on the web, quickly and efficiently?

Well you don’t have to struggle any more. GrantStation PathFinder helps you develop your career path as a grants professional. Our library has vetted profiles on top quality resources in the area of grant research, writing, and management, as well as strategic planning.

We do all the research for you!

PathFinder is a FREE resource you can get started using right now. No sign-ups required and no accounts needed. Just visit the site and find your resources. We don’t sell any advertising or display ads of any kind either, so you can just find what you need without distractions of any kind.

There are three ways to find resources using PathFinder. Which method you use depends on your personal preference or style. These include Browse, Search, and ‘Find Your Path.’ Let’s tackle them in reverse order.

First you can use our guided Find Your Path tool. With this tool you merely answer three multiple choice questions and the tool finds the resources that will be of interest to you.

For example, if you're a novice grantwriter interested in grantwriting you would select all three of those options. Once you do that you’ll be presented with a variety of resources that meet your needs.

Timely events are shown at the top - these are events with dates attached to them. Upcoming events will display first, followed by events that occur later, so you don’t have to worry about filtering them by date. If an event costs money it will have a $ next to it. Timely events include live webinars, conferences, and workshops and trainings that you'll want to take advantage of soon!

Further down the page you'll be shown Quick Study items that include blog posts, articles and reports, recorded webinars and podcasts, as well as newsletters and magazines.

Finally, you’ll see Deep Dive resources, which include tools, books and workbooks, courses, and certificate and degree programs you might be interested in.

Our resources are updated frequently and new ones are added every week.

You may also browse our resources by type or do a search.

To do a search, just head over to the search page and select your options with the handy dropdown menus, including the topic, category, experience level, and role that match your needs. You may also use the keyword search to narrow or refine your search.

Finally, we have the option to browse our resources. This is just a simple page of categories, ordered by Timely Events, Quick Study, and Deep Dive categories (with sub-categories beneath them) that you may use if you just want to explore all the resources we have for specific sub-categories, such as Live Webinars or Blogs, regardless of topic or date.

When you’re done - see I told you we were going in reverse order - you can head over to the home page and check out our Featured Resource (updated weekly), our GrantStation Resource (also updated frequently), and watch the video for further information about how to use this tool. The video is also at the beginning of this article!

A Few Final Tips for Best Practice:

  1. When viewing a resource, you can view a printer-friendly version of the resource.
  2. If you think a resource needs a correction of some type you can click the ‘Corrections for this resource?’ link on each profile and let us know. Not that we expect many of these!
  3. You can share the resource on social media using the sharing features on each resource.
  4. You can leave a comment at the bottom of each resource if you have some personal experience or insight about the resource you wish to share with the community.
  5. After doing a search or after ‘Finding Your Path’ there is the option to download your list of results in CSV format by clicking the ‘csv’ button (on the search) and the ‘Download spreadsheet’ link on ‘Find Your Path’ at the top of each set of results.