Identifying Needs and Building Budgets - RECORDING

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identifying needs

Budget surprises can leave your organization strapped for cash and operating in crisis mode. Unfortunately, organizations in crisis mode rarely inspire confidence from donors. 

That’s why your budget is such an important piece of effective fundraising. 

It will allow you to be transparent about your needs, which can build donor trust. 

During this webinar, Mandy Pearce, owner of Funding for Good, will walk you through the budget deconstruction process so you can identify gaps and craft realistic projections at the program and organization levels.

You’ll learn:

  • the most common line-items in a nonprofit budget;
  • the three items most often missing in nonprofit budgets;
  • how to avoid common budgeting pitfalls;
  • key tips for crafting budget assumptions to justify the math; and,
  • different budget formats to improve functional use.

You’ll see how a realistic budget can be used to drive your fundraising plan.

This session is perfect for anyone involved in the development work at a nonprofit organization, including executive directors, development directors, board members, and program directors.

90 Minutes

Mandy Pearce

A proposal writing expert, executive and development coach, fundraising consultant, and national fundraising trainer, Mandy Pearce launched Funding for Good, Inc. in 2009 to equip organizations with the skills and tools needed to become successful and sustainable. Mandy has taken her passion and expertise for fundraising to the development field and shared it with individuals and organizations for over two decades through executive coaching, strategic and development planning, seminars, and specialized consulting programs. Her business model is centered on her key values: honesty, efficiency, direct communication, and bringing dollars to local communities. Funding For Good, Inc. continues to create sustainability and build capacity for organizations across the country through the effective sharing of the knowledge and skills required to generate success. Mandy lives in Hickory, NC, with her husband and their dogs, who share her enthusiasm for the outdoors.

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Mandy Pearce, CFRE