From Modest to Major Grants-RECORDING

Webinar Recording
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If you feel stuck in the number and size of your foundation partnerships, a major-grants mindset can change the way you work.

During this webinar, Susan Schaefer of Resource Partners will show you how to leverage the key differences between competing for your nonprofit’s annual foundation awards and your largest private grants. You’ll discover ways you can become more successful without getting overwhelmed.

Whether your organization is immediately ready to apply for major grants or you’re on your way, learn tangible steps to ready yourself and your colleagues for the next stage in significant foundation partnerships. 

You’ll learn:

  • the most important kind of professional development you need in order to excel;
  • key benchmarks that indicate whether your organization is likely to secure major grants—and how to move the needle if not; and,
  • the most impactful steps needed to level up your foundation partnerships.

You’ll walk away ready to approach your work with a major-grants mindset so you can begin to secure increasingly significant foundation partnerships.

The session is ideal for professionals who have found some success with private foundations and are ready to take their organization’s grantseeking to the next level.

90 Minutes

Susan Schaefer

Susan Schaefer helps nonprofit leaders fund their priorities through major private grants. She is an author, speaker, and consultant whose firm, Resource Partners, guides clients to secure their largest, most impactful foundation and corporate grants.

She has written and contributed to multiple books for the sector and has taught fund development at Johns Hopkins University.

Susan writes a monthly series of articles called Major Grants.

Susan Schaefer