Building Your Annual Grants Strategy

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Whether you need to build a grantseeking strategy for a particular project, or to develop an overarching strategy for the year, this set of modules will guide you through the process.

We start by helping you build your own screening tool: the RFP Decision Matrix. Adopting this matrix will help you make fast, accurate decisions about which funders you should apply to, and which ones you should not.

The second module helps you prepare for doing your grants research, which opens the door to our third module focusing on the five steps for successful grants research.

This series ends with a fairly intensive module on building a grantseeking strategy.

These modules can be taken together to methodically guide your organization’s capacity to build a grants strategy or as stand-alone learning opportunities.

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How to Build a Grant Decision Matrix
Course Image

The Grant Decision Matrix is an analytical tool that you can build to help you make quick, objective decisions about which grant opportunities you…

Preparing to Do Grants Research
Course Image

Adopting a sound approach to researching grantmakers is key to establishing a successful grant seeking program. This short training will help you…

Adopting a Successful Research Process
Course Image

You can minimize the amount of time you spend looking for the right grantmaker for any given program or project, as well as identify new and…

How to Build a Grants Strategy
Course Image

Thinking critically and creatively about securing grant support for your organization takes time. It also requires understanding the steps…