The Golden Key to a Successful Statement of Need

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Grantwriters nowadays have access to vast amounts of information via the Internet. With such an abundance, how do you know which material to use for your statement of need? How can you present this information so it is new and compelling, and not just a repeat of what every program officer has read before? Not only that, but how can you create the sense of urgency necessary to keep your proposal at the top of a consideration list? And once you’ve figured out how to convey the problem or need, your task becomes demonstrating to the grantmaker that their investment in your proposed solution will result in real change.

This series will help you navigate your way through these considerations to craft a compelling statement of need.

In the first of this series of modules, we will cover what basic information should be included in each and every statement of need. This module is for the novice or someone who has written a few proposals but still feels as if they could learn more! We delve into how to give your proposal a little character, create a sense of urgency, and write a compelling opening to this section of the proposal.

The second module will focus on finding and utilizing new sources of data and evidence as well as how to present this information in a new and compelling way that intrigues and engages the grantmaker.

The third module is all about developing a bold, new goal that will directly address the problem or need, and perhaps generate a whole new way of working for your organization. This module is for the individual who feels as if their organization is ready to take a giant step forward. (As they say, this is not for the faint of heart!)

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