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When you dedicate your career to seeking grants, you’re bound to consider approaching the most well-known foundations. You may wonder what it takes, if your organization will be competitive, and when is the right time to apply.

These opportunities have the potential to make a substantial impact on your mission and programs, yet the process can feel uncertain. Top-tier foundations are intimidating and often opaque. They can be hard to reach. And increasingly, they do not accept unsolicited proposals.

Still, there are opportunities for you to partner with them. If you—or your boss—seek the biggest foundation fish in your industry’s pond but haven’t yet found the right hook, it’s vital you understand how to spend your time.

During this webinar, Susan Schaefer of Resource Partners will lay out a roadmap that creates momentum toward those most elusive foundations. With a career dedicated to securing major grants and helping many others do the same, Susan will provide you with insights built on years of observing what works best in making it to your industry’s most sought-after prospects.

You’ll learn:

  • the surprising factors that make the most difference as you consider top-tier foundations;
  • patterns and habits that build meaningful relationships; and,
  • case studies of organizations that succeeded in securing major grants.

You will walk away with tangible steps to move your organization closer to your most sought-after foundation partnerships. Bring your questions and challenges for an engaging and provocative session.

This webinar is ideal for ambitious grant and nonprofit professionals seeking a roadmap that leads them to their most sought-after funders.

90 Minutes

Susan Schaefer

Susan Schaefer helps nonprofit leaders fund their priorities through major private grants. She is an author, speaker, and consultant whose firm, Resource Partners, guides clients to secure their largest, most impactful foundation and corporate grants.

She has written and contributed to multiple books for the sector and has taught fund development at Johns Hopkins University.

Susan writes a monthly series of articles called Major Grants.

Susan Schaefer