Alice Ruhnke - President

An Introduction to Alice Ruhnke


Do you know that great feeling you get when you connect with people and organizations that share your passions? For me, this remarkable feeling has been a constant companion throughout my journey with GrantStation, spanning more than two decades. I've had the privilege of wearing various hats during this time: first as a nonprofit with a membership, then as an Online Education Instructor, and now as a proud member of the leadership team.

Throughout this time, GrantStation’s commitment to leveling the playing field for all nonprofits has resonated with me. This vision acknowledges the diversity among nonprofits, each with its own strengths and challenges. Achieving equity in the nonprofit sector is a complex endeavor. Our commitment to being "affordable on purpose" is a practical approach to realize this vision. By keeping expenses lean and maintaining a budget without unnecessary frills, GrantStation ensures that its high quality services remain accessible to organizations with limited financial resources.

I am deeply grateful that every day I get to experience that incredible feeling of connection with individuals and organizations that share this sense of purpose. From the GrantStation staff and board of directors to our members and partners, these human connections not only enrich my life but also provide opportunities for collaboration and personal growth. Together, we will continue to work towards a more equitable and inclusive nonprofit sector, where every organization can make a meaningful impact on society.