David Preis - Senior VP of Member Services & Technology

An Introduction to David Preis 
Senior VP of Member Services & Technology 


My experience with GrantStation goes all the way back to the 90s when I had the honor of seeing the genesis of GrantStation. In a visit to Fairbanks, Alaska, I actually slept in the log cabin where Cindy and Julie Kaufman started GrantStation. In the morning over coffee, I got to witness their work in matchmaking grantseekers with grantmakers in Alaska. 

I was inspired by their vision and their scrappiness, and was even more impressed over the years as their work grew nationally and even internationally into what GrantStation has become today. I remember thinking “I want to work for them someday.” In 2012, I finally got the chance when GrantStation needed someone to migrate the operations to the cloud and to manage rebuilding the website in Drupal. 

Eventually I came to manage both Member Services and Technology. I love being at the intersection of these two processes.

  1. At GrantStation, we put a large focus on customer service, e.g., when you call, we actually pick up the phone so you can interact with a live person right away.
  2. We then take the time to talk with you. As we listen, we gain insights on what we need to offer through our site and beyond.
  3. These insights then feed into our technological projects and drive our priorities so that we can provide resources that are more robust and user-friendly.

If you have insights on GrantStation, please let me know. We want our tools and information to be as effective as they can be. We want grantseekers and grantmakers to be successful by connecting with each other on the changes that they want to manifest in the world. We want those changes too; that is what drives all of our staff each and every day.