GrantStation Insider: February 9, 2023

Volume XXII | Issue 6

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Special Funding Opportunities
Opportunities related to specific current issues

Current funding opportunities for COVID-19 and Ukraine are available to the public on our website.


National Funding
Opportunities throughout the U.S.

Tribal Food Sovereignty Projects Supported
First Nations Development Institute: Gather Food Sovereignty Grant

First Nations Development Institute's Gather Food Sovereignty Grant supports work contributing to building a national movement that will fulfill a vision of Native communities and food systems that are self-directed, well-resourced, and supported by community policies and systems. In this round of funding, up to seven grants averaging $32,000 will be awarded to emerging Native American-led projects that focus on developing tribal food sovereignty. Tribal governments and Native nonprofit and community organizations are eligible to apply. Applications are due February 26, 2023. Visit the First Nations website to download the request for proposals.

Programs Promote Journalism Education and Diversity
Scripps Howard Fund: Journalism Grants

The Scripps Howard Fund is offering grants to universities and nonprofit organizations in the U.S. through two new programs that help advance investigative journalism and increase diversity and inclusion in the industry. A multi-year grant will be awarded to a university or nonprofit organization to create a program to teach college students open-source investigative journalism. The winning proposal will receive a four-year grant for up to $300,000 to help launch the program in the 2024-25 academic school year. The application deadline for the multi-year grant is April 1, 2023. The Fund's Diversity and Inclusion in Journalism grants fund innovative ideas to get post-secondary students from diverse backgrounds invested in journalism and foster environments where all journalism students can actively participate and feel welcome. Universities and nonprofit organizations can apply for one-time grants of up to $30,000 to address this challenge. The application deadline is April 30, 2023. Visit the Fund's website to submit an online application.

Grants Enhance Pollinator Habitat on Public Lands
National Environmental Education Foundation: Biodiversity Conservation Grant - Enhancing Pollinator Habitats

Through the Biodiversity Conservation Grant: Enhancing Pollinator Habitats program, the National Environmental Education Foundation (NEEF) will provide $200,000 in grants to support shovel-ready pollinator habitat enhancement projects on U.S. public lands. Projects should support the creation, restoration, remediation, improvement, and protection of habitats for important pollinator species such as butterflies, bees, bats, and more; impact pollinators on at least 150 acres of public land; and incorporate community outreach and engagement activities designed to educate and empower the public to help enhance pollinator habitats. The deadline for submitting letters of intent is March 10, 2023. Details on priorities and criteria are available on the NEEF website.

Funding Available for Organizations Serving Senior Dogs
Grey Muzzle Grant

The Grey Muzzle Organization provides support for programs designed to improve the lives of at-risk senior dogs. Grants, typically ranging from $2,500 to $10,000, are provided to shelters, rescue groups, sanctuaries, and other nonprofit organizations that have or seek to establish a program specifically for senior dogs. Examples of funded programs include programs promoting the adoption of senior dogs, senior to senior programs, long-term foster care, hospice, programs designed to prevent surrender of senior dogs, and programs focused on prevention of or early intervention in diseases that would otherwise be extremely costly to treat. Support is provided across the U.S., including Puerto Rico, and in Canada, and international applicants with nonprofit status in their country are eligible as well. The 2023 grant cycle will open on February 13, 2023. The application deadline and additional application information will be available on the Grey Muzzle Organization website after the cycle opens.


Regional Funding
Opportunities for specific geographic areas

Grants Advance Renewable Energy in the Southeastern U.S.
Oak Hill Fund: Climate Change and Renewable Energy Program

The Oak Hill Fund's Climate Change and Renewable Energy Program supports nonprofit organizations in the southeastern United States, with an emphasis on Virginia, that engage in stimulating a more robust market for renewable energy, specifically solar and wind. Priority is currently given to project-specific proposals in the following areas: 1) educating policymakers, the general public, businesses, and other key constituencies to advance renewable energy and energy efficiency opportunities; 2) nonprofit projects that install solar and wind power for extremely low- to middle-income households and multi-family residences, including rentals; and 3) creative financing models for solar and wind power installations. A limited number of requests to defend against harmful fossil and nuclear fuel projects will also be considered. Letters of inquiry may be submitted throughout the year. Visit the Oak Hill Fund's website to access the online letter of inquiry form.

Capital Projects Funded in Montana
Treacy Foundation

The Treacy Foundation is committed to supporting nonprofit organizations in the state of Montana. The Foundation's areas of interest include arts and culture; children and youth; education, including K-12 and higher education; health; and human services. The Foundation primarily supports capital campaigns and capital asset improvements and maintenance. The application deadline for grant requests over $10,000 is posted on the Foundation's website; requests for grants of $10,000 or less may be submitted at any time. Application guidelines and forms are available on the Foundation's website.

Support Targets Vermont's Rural Communities
Windham Foundation

The Windham Foundation seeks to enhance the vitality of Vermont's rural communities. Grants averaging $2,500 to $5,000 are provided to nonprofit organizations and public entities in Vermont to support the vitality of small-town life. Areas of interest include agricultural preservation and local food systems, environmental enhancement, education, arts and crafts and Vermont traditions, social services, and historic preservation. The upcoming application deadlines are March 3 and June 2, 2023. Visit the Foundation's website for more information on the grant process.

Funds Boost Louisiana Litter and Waste Reduction Efforts
Keep Louisiana Beautiful: Healthy Communities Grant

Keep Louisiana Beautiful (KLB) is an anti-litter and community improvement organization in Louisiana. KLB's Healthy Communities Grant provides funding to support local projects and programs that will bring about behavioral changes needed to improve, preserve, and protect the natural beauty of Louisiana. Focus areas include litter and waste reduction, recycling and reusing, litter enforcement, and environmental education. Reimbursement grants ranging from $2,500 to $8,000 are provided; grants require at least a 10% cash match or in-kind donation. Nonprofit organizations, governmental agencies, schools and universities, and Keep America Beautiful affiliates located in Louisiana are eligible to apply. Letters of intent are due March 8, 2023. Visit the KLB website to download the letter of intent overview.


Federal Funding
Opportunities from the U.S. government

Program Helps Unaccompanied Children
Department of Health and Human Services

The Residential (Secure) Services for Unaccompanied Children program supports the provision of secure care providers who manage a specialized population of unaccompanied children who have exhibited violent or criminal behavior that endangers others, serious escape history or risk, extremely disruptive or dangerous behavior in a shelter, or disruptive or dangerous behavior. Care providers must provide or have access to specialized services for unaccompanied children with substance abuse problems, anger management issues, mental health issues, or other special behavior needs. The application deadline is March 13, 2023.

Grants Available for Species Protection
Bureau of Land Management

The BLM Headquarters Threatened and Endangered Species Program works to conserve and recover federally listed and Bureau sensitive animal and plant species and their habitat on public lands. The 2023 priorities are addressing the impact of the climate crisis and ecosystem approaches for managing multiple listed and sensitive species, pollinator conservation and management, ensuring habitat connectivity, and updating outreach/education materials, including the Program's public facing website. The application deadline is March 24, 2023.


Partner Depot

iLearn Live Virtual Workshop
Join the Grant Professionals Association for a full-day, interactive virtual workshop to explore and build your courageous leadership muscle with Julie Boll, GPC, GPA-approved Trainer, and certified Dare to Lead Facilitator. The workshop will take place May 4 from 9-4 with a built-in lunch break.

Earn GPCI and CFRE Continuing Education Points
Join Foundant Technologies for two FREE education webinars this month! Full participation in both webinars is approved for GPCI and CFRE Continuing Education Points.

$7 million in grants available through TD Charitable Foundation's Housing for Everyone. Apply today!
The 17th annual Housing for Everyone grant program will award a total of $7 million to nonprofit organizations providing rental assistance, restoring affordable housing units, and/or increasing organizational capacity to do the above. This program supports TD's longstanding commitment to help people live with greater financial confidence through its corporate citizenship platform, the TD Ready Commitment. Through the TD Ready Commitment, TD is targeting $775 million towards community giving by 2030 across four drivers of change—Financial Security, Vibrant Planet, Connected Communities, and Better Health—to open doors to a more inclusive and sustainable tomorrow.


PathFinder: Featured Resource
A library of quality resources designed to help you develop your career path as a grants professional

Donor Love, For Life: A Look At Planned Giving Stewardship
Are you thinking of starting a planned giving program but aren't sure where to start? The article "Donor Love, For Life: A Look At Planned Giving Stewardship" may be of help. Published on the Bloomerang website, this article discusses various considerations when developing and executing a planned giving program for an organization. It looks at how planned giving stewardship differs from current use donations, provides ideas for planned giving stewardship, and discusses where to begin with outreach.


Upcoming Online Education Trainings
Live Webinars

Unless otherwise noted, all Online Education Trainings are webinars,
are 90 minutes in duration, and are scheduled to begin
at 2 PM Eastern Time.

Creating Grant Policies and Procedures
Many nonprofits get started quickly due to the immediate needs of their community, and, in the rush, overlook the development of policies and procedures. But if you don't have these documents when tensions or problems occur, your nonprofit will need to scramble to put something into place. That's why creating your grant policies and procedures before any challenges arise is vital. While policies and procedures are not usually submitted in grant applications, funders expect you to have these documents and to use them to guide your grantseeking efforts. During this TargetED, Alice Ruhnke will show you how having sound grant policies and procedures can set your organization up for success. That way you're prepared to apply for and manage your grants. The webinar will be held on Monday, February 13, 2023.

Improved Performance With Effective Evaluations
You do the hard work needed to achieve your mission. However, do you take the time needed to monitor how well you're doing that work? Performance evaluations are often an afterthought for many organizations. But evaluating performance is critical to shaping a productive and effective staff and board, as well as executive leaders. During this practical session, Mindy Muller will show you why performance evaluations matter and how to do them well so you can ensure your team is both acknowledged for a job well done and encouraged to improve and grow. The webinar will be held on Tuesday, February 14, 2023.

Creating a Written Fundraising Plan
Most organizations develop specific fundraising goals, but many never define clear strategies to accomplish them. In order to define clear strategies and create a fundraising plan that works, you need to identify the most essential data in your past and present. During this session, Mandy Pearce, owner of Funding for Good, will help you use essential metrics to develop the right strategies to fully fund your organization. The webinar will be held on Wednesday, February 15, 2023.


GrantStation Announcements
The latest updates from GrantStation

An Introduction to Our International Research Specialist, Virginia Hopley

Public information and communications have always been at the forefront of my career path. This has included working in municipal and state government agencies that deliver community and economic development programs, and more recently, with nonprofit organizations that offer direct humanitarian assistance. Regardless of the workplace, providing clear, meaningful, and accessible information to the public sphere (where exciting and impactful progress happens!) is one of the most rewarding aspects of what I do, and makes GrantStation a perfect place to be a team member.

In my position as International Research Specialist, I work primarily with the Canadian Charitable Giving database to update and ensure that the funder information we provide is current and accurate for grantseekers. With my background in the public sector, I realize the importance of having timely and relevant information at your fingertips when seeking funding opportunities.

In addition to researching foundations and other funders, it's interesting to observe larger social trends and learn how funders quickly respond to global events. One recent example that we have all experienced is the COVID pandemic, both during the epidemic and now, with recovery and community rebuilding. The efforts on the part of funders to address this crisis—and others—are really remarkable.

I also see firsthand how grantmaking and charitable organizations connect and have a tremendous impact in our world, enhancing programming in areas such as social services, the environment, arts and culture, health, education, and safety nets for vulnerable populations, to name just a few. GrantStation helps facilitate some of these vital connections, where real-world solutions are happening every day.

If you have questions about our Canadian grantmaker listings, please feel free to reach out to

Funding Alerts
Have you visited our homepage this week? Additional local, national, Canadian, and international funding opportunities are featured there weekly!


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National Funding Opportunities
Tribal Food Sovereignty Projects Supported
Programs Promote Journalism Education and Diversity
Grants Enhance Pollinator Habitat on Public Lands
Funding Available for Organizations Serving Senior Dogs

Regional Funding Opportunities
Grants Advance Renewable Energy in the Southeastern U.S.
Capital Projects Funded in Montana
Support Targets Vermont’s Rural Communities
Funds Boost Louisiana Litter and Waste Reduction Efforts

Federal Funding Opportunities
Program Helps Unaccompanied Children
Grants Available for Species Protection