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Volume XVI | Issue 27

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National Funding
Opportunities Throughout the U.S.

Competition for Urban Innovation
Mayors Challenge

The 2017 Mayors Challenge, sponsored by Bloomberg Philanthropies, is designed to help hundreds of cities develop ideas that solve the most urgent problems facing cities today. Thirty-five Champion Cities will win up to $100,000 to test their ideas and build local support. The five cities with the best ideas will receive millions to implement their ideas at scale. In addition, innovation experts will visit each of the first 300 cities that sign up for the Challenge to deliver one-day city hall training workshops to accelerate idea development by drawing upon the expertise of the community. All entrants will receive expert guidance to develop their ideas and will join Bloomberg’s cities network, which promotes innovations that work across cities. In order to be eligible for the 2017 Mayors Challenge, cities must be located within the United States, have more than 30,000 residents within the administrative division of the city or urban area, and must have a local government. The deadline to sign up for the competition is August 18, 2017; applications will be due October 20, 2017. Visit the Mayors Challenge website to learn more about the Challenge.

Capacity Building Grants for Youth Activist Organizations
Third Wave Fund: Own Our Power Fund

The Third Wave Fund supports youth-led gender justice activism to advance the political power, well-being, and self-determination of communities of color and low-income communities in the United States. Third Wave’s Own Our Power Fund provides capacity-building grants of up to $25,000 for projects that address leadership, sustainability, and self-representation. The focus is on helping communities most impacted to lead the work, developing sustainable revenue models and fundraising strategies, and harnessing the power of communities to tell their own stories. Priority is given to organizations that are committed to building the power and leadership of young people under 35 to achieve structural change. Grassroots organizations with an annual budget of up to $200,000 that are 501(c)(3)s or are fiscally sponsored by a 501(c)(3) organization may apply. The application deadline is July 25, 2017. Visit the Third Wave website to review the funding guidelines.

Support for Breast Health Education and Services
Avon Breast Health Outreach Program

The mission of the Avon Breast Health Outreach Program (BHOP) is to link medically underserved women and men to breast health education and screening services. Grants are available to community-based nonprofit organizations and healthcare agencies in the U.S., Guam, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Avon BHOP supports non-medical expenses incurred by funded programs to link underserved women with free or low-cost breast cancer screening services and follow-up care. Grant funds will be awarded to around 55 organizations in this funding cycle. The majority of the grants will range from $30,000 to $60,000, with an average of $45,000. To ensure that smaller community-based organizations receive funding, at least 40% of the grants will be awarded to organizations with operating budgets under $5,000,000. Projects in Avon Walk Cities as well as states with high breast cancer incidence or morbidity are of special interest; however, BHOP attempts to distribute funds throughout the entire U.S. The application deadline is August 25, 2017. Visit the BHOP website to download the request for applications.

Youth Running Programs Funded
Road Runners Club of America: Kids Run the Nation Fund

The Road Runners Club of America (RRCA) is dedicated to supporting the growth of grassroots running clubs, training programs, and running events while promoting the common interests of runners throughout the United States. The Kids Run the Nation Fund, an initiative of the RRCA, supports nonprofit organizations and schools in the U.S. that are interested in implementing or currently have a youth running program. Grants of $500 to $1,000 are provided to running clubs and other nonprofit organizations such as parent booster clubs, PTAs, etc. Elementary and middle schools that provide organized after-school running programs are also eligible to apply. Since the goal of the grant program is to have kids running at least once a week for multiple weeks, funded running programs should offer more than just one-time events. The grant application cycle will open on August 1 and close on October 1, 2017. Visit the RRCA website to submit an online application.



Regional Funding
Opportunities for Specific Areas

Grants Enhance Company Communities
BBVA Compass Foundation

The BBVA Compass Foundation supports nonprofit organizations that are making a positive impact in the communities the bank serves in Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, New Mexico, and Texas. The Foundation gives priority to requests that best reflect the following focus areas: community development/financial literacy, education, health and human services, arts and culture, environment and natural resources, and diversity and inclusion. Online applications are due September 29, 2017. (Prior to submitting a grant request, organizations interested in applying are invited to join one of the Charitable Contributions Process Conference Calls/Webinar Presentations to be held on July 21, August 18, September 8, and September 22.) Visit the bank’s website to learn more about the Foundation’s guidelines and application process.

Progressive Grassroots Groups in the Carolinas and Georgia Supported
Fund for Southern Communities

The Fund for Southern Communities supports nonprofit organizations working to create just and sustainable communities that are free of oppression and that embrace and celebrate all people. The Fund provides grants of $1,000 to $5,000 to progressive grassroots groups in Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina that address social change issues, such as workers’ rights, environmental justice, economic justice, non-traditional arts and media, etc. The Fund provides seed grants to new projects, and general or project support to small organizations (with a total organizational budget of $150,000 or less). The application deadline is September 1, 2017. Visit the Fund’s website to review the grant application information.

Funds for Animal Welfare Shelters in Northern States
ASPCA Northern Tier Shelter Initiative Grants

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) is providing grant funding to nonprofit shelter organizations, tribal authorities, and government agencies in Alaska, Idaho, Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, Washington, and Wisconsin that care for homeless animals and advance animal welfare in those states. Proposals will be considered to support capacity-building activities that enhance a group’s effectiveness in carrying out its animal welfare mission, including improving shelter operations, increasing shelter live release rates, and decreasing shelter intake. Grants will range between $5,000 and $10,000 each. Applications may be submitted at any time and will be reviewed and approved on a rolling basis until grant funds are fully expended. Visit the ASPCA website to submit an online application.

Grants Address Healthcare for Kentucky Residents
Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky

The Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky seeks to address the unmet healthcare needs of the people of Kentucky by developing and influencing policy, improving access to care, reducing health risks and disparities, and promoting health equity. The Foundation is currently offering the following grant opportunities: Conference Support Grants are available to nonprofit organizations or coalitions for the conduct of conferences, seminars, trainings, or symposia that are aligned with the Foundation’s mission and focus areas. Rapid Response Grants provide timely support for opportunities to advance the Foundation’s health policy focus areas at the state and local levels. Applications for both grant programs may be submitted throughout the year. Visit the Foundation’s website to review each program’s guidelines.



Federal Funding
Opportunities from the U.S. Government

Funds Available for Nutrition Programs for the Elderly
Department of Health and Human Services

The Innovations in Nutrition Programs and Services program seeks to enhance the quality and effectiveness of nutrition services programs or outcomes in the aging network. The application deadline is August 7, 2017.

Program Supports Mental Health Services for Crime Victims
Department of Justice

The Increasing Access to Mental Health Services for Victims of Crime program seeks to bridge the divide between crime victims, victim services providers, and mental health services providers so that communities are able to assist crime victims to recover, heal, and thrive. The application deadline is August 10, 2017.



Partner Depot
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Upcoming Online Education Trainings
Live Webinars

Unless otherwise noted, all Online Education Trainings are webinars,
are 90 minutes in duration, and are scheduled to begin at 2 PM Eastern Time.

The Anatomy of a Business Plan for Social Enterprise
If your nonprofit's traditional funding sources are not as reliable as in the past, it might be time to invest in social enterprise to protect your vital programs and services. Many savvy nonprofits have successfully launched an earned income venture and are generating sustainable funds as a result. Is your organization ready to learn more? In this fast-paced webinar, Jean Block, a nonprofit trainer who has guided nearly 100 nonprofits from idea to business plan, will explain what social enterprise is - and isn't - and explore the critical steps required to develop a business plan for social enterprise. Writing a business plan for a social enterprise isn't difficult when it is based on thorough market research and feasibility studies. It's not brain surgery and it's not rocket science! Follow the necessary steps and your organization, too, can find sustainable funding. This webinar will be held Thursday, July 13, 2017 at 2 pm EDT.

How to Craft a Proposal to a Foundation
Proposal writing is the skill most sought after by savvy nonprofit staff members. On the one hand, writing a grant proposal is quite simple and follows a basic formula. However, submitting a proposal may be your only chance to put the case for funding your organization in front of a foundation, so you want to be sure to do it right. In this webinar, Judith Margolin provides invaluable tips on developing a compelling proposal narrative, what your proposal package should include, how to let your funder take the lead, and advice on writing and submission techniques that get your proposal noticed by foundation decision makers. This webinar is intended for the novice proposal writer. The webinar will be held on Thursday, July 20, 2017, at 2 pm EDT.

How to Secure Funding from Foundations
Foundations are mysterious institutions to those not familiar with them. In this webinar, Judith Margolin demystifies the process of securing foundation funding. The webinar provides a thorough grounding in what foundations are all about, including how many there are, who runs them, and trends in foundation giving. The focus is on what motivates foundations to give and how you can determine why they might or might not support your organization. Topics include types of foundations and styles of approach, determining your organization's funding needs, finding the best prospect, what makes a winning grant proposal, introducing your agency to a foundation, and proposal submission techniques. The webinar will be held on Thursday, August 10, 2017, at 2 pm EDT.



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National Funding Opportunities
Competition for Urban Innovation
Capacity Building Grants for Youth Activist Organizations
Support for Breast Health Education and Services
Youth Running Programs Funded

Regional Funding Opportunities
Grants Enhance Company Communities
Progressive Grassroots Groups in the Carolinas and Georgia Supported
Funds for Animal Welfare Shelters in Northern States
Grants Address Healthcare for Kentucky Residents

Federal Funding
Funds Available for Nutrition Programs for the Elderly
Program Supports Mental Health Services for Crime Victims