Alliance for Better Nonprofits


Alliance for Better Nonprofits

Who We Are

The Alliance for Better Nonprofits (ABN) is a membership-based organization that serves nonprofits in 25 East Tennessee counties by helping them achieve their missions, therefore making a bigger impact in our communities. Our goal is to walk with our region’s nonprofits on their journey toward efficiency and effectiveness through training, consulting, and resources, including the nationally recognized Standards for Excellence® program.

Collaborating makes our communities stronger and creates the opportunity for organizations to thrive. We connect our members to nonprofit peers, leaders, and experts, as well as to the foundations, philanthropists, agencies, and university partners committed to making the community stronger through better nonprofits.


ABN seeks to serve upper East Tennessee nonprofits by building their capacity to be more efficient and effective at fulfilling their missions and serving our communities.


Stronger communities through better nonprofits.

Our Core Values

  • Lead by Example: For us to be credible advocates of excellence in our clients, we must serve as a role model for excellence in everything we do.
  • Deliver Cost Effective Impact: We expect our consulting and training services to produce high value outcomes and exceed our clients’ expectations.
  • Earn Our Own Way: We accept responsibility for generating the bulk of our funding from the highly valued services and resources we provide to our clients and their communities.
  • Build Collaborative Solutions: We believe significant problems require collaborative solutions, so we seek to strengthen not just individual organizations, but entire networks.
  • Manage by Facts: We use data to guide our path, justify investments, and document and improve our impact.
  • Have Fun: We embrace individuality, encourage creativity, and create opportunities for nonprofit work to be exciting and meaningful.
  • Continuous Learning: We pursue and promote continuous learning and professional development at ABN and within the nonprofit community.

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