Who is OneOC

As a nonprofit organization, we provide solutions and support to help nonprofits and companies execute for the greater good. 

Our clients benefit from an array of service solutions executed by a team of nonprofit professionals. These include volunteer services, organizational development, back-office support, and community engagement.

We are committed to developing deep and meaningful experiences for clients as they serve their respective communities. We invest in our client relationships so that we can offer flexible, tailor-made solutions. We focus on engagement, innovation, and minimization of complexities. We provide the essential infrastructure necessary for organizations to carry out their mission more easily and effectively.

Our Mission

OneOC’s mission is to accelerate nonprofit success. We are committed to making nonprofits in Orange County as efficient and effective as they are passionate about their missions.

As a Management Services Organization (MSO), OneOC provides solutions and support services to nonprofits and companies, helping them reach their goals, make a greater impact, and engage with their communities. We proudly build bridges between the public and private sectors to make Orange County a better place for us all.

Our Approach

Our client care approach includes a range of service solutions offered by a team of nonprofit professionals. Connecting nonprofits with like-minded businesses allows them to strengthen the communities they serve.