Money For Your Mission Inc.


Money For Your Mission Inc.

Who We Are

Money For Your Mission Inc. is a group of transformational leaders that will help organizations find and secure over 100 million dollars in 2021! We can help you secure grants, government contracts, and fundraising all in one platform!


Our mission is to provide an innovative and goal-oriented environment that will improve funding in every community that we touch.

We will maintain an environment of creativity, integrity, authenticity, passion, motivation and accountability while sustaining high-end world-class customer service.


Our Vision is to be the leaders and source for the Get Money For Your Mission Industry. We will do so by disrupting traditional methods, embracing best practices as well as creating and implementing new ones.

Money For Your Mission Inc. is committed to creating a billion-dollar annual impact through our platform in the next 5 years. We build strong communities by supporting and inspiring those who are willing to make a better version of the world around them!

Our Core Values

  • Don't Make Excuses Make it happen.
  • Waiting or doing nothing is never an option always take action.
  • Later means never do it now.
  • Only focus on the things you can control which is everything.
  • Service to many leads to greatness serve more every day.
  • Find joy in the journey.
  • Showing up with passion, energy and enthusiasm is not an option it’s a requirement.
  • Be accountable and have a solution to every problem.
  • We are the best in our game, every day.
  • Speed, creativity, and punctuality are our strengths, embrace them.
  • Don’t think outside of the box think like there is no box.
  • Be organized, be clean and prepared every time.
  • Don’t Panic just perform.
  • Entertain, Educate, execute but more importantly Empower.
  • Treat everyone like family.
  • Create trust, Create Valuable Clients, but most important create impact.

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