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Past Issues

International Funding Opportunities
Funding Aims to Prevent Gender-Based Violence
Support for Innovative Solutions to Global Development Challenges
Asian Elephant Conservation Initiatives Funded
Grants Promote Health Equity
Arts Funding Targets the Arab World
Prize Recognizes Water-Related Achievements
Grants Empower Women and Girls in the Developing World
Award Honors Human Rights Activists

Canadian Funding Opportunities
Funds for Outdoor Recreation Initiatives in Company Communities
Conservation Projects Across Canada Supported
Funding Aims to Combat Bullying in Saskatchewan
Grants Improve Air Quality in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area of Ontario

Federal Funding
Grants Bolster Democracy Across the Globe
Funding Targets Crime, Climate Change, and HIV/AIDS in the Caribbean

Canadian Government Funding
Youth-Led Initiatives Supported
Funds for Artistic Projects

International Funding Opportunities
Funding Targets Middle Eastern Countries and Culture
Awards Honor Journalists Committed to Freedom of the Press
Women-Led Environmental Justice Groups Supported
Funds for Charitable Initiatives in Company Communities
Support for Female Entrepreneurs in Africa
Grants Promote Human Rights in the South-Mediterranean Region
Award Tackles Global Waste
Women's Environmental Achievements Honored

Canadian Funding Opportunities
Funding Fosters Inclusion and Pluralism in Canada
Support for Conservation and Environmental Education Across Canada
Grants Target Youth Mental Health Initiatives in Nova Scotia
Jewish and Community Initiatives in Manitoba Funded

Federal Funding
Grants Promote Internet Freedom
Funds to Combat Child Trafficking in Peru

Canadian Government Funding
Funding Addresses Substance Abuse in Canada
Grants Increase Knowledge of Canadian History

International Funding Opportunities
Contest Aims to Combat Fake News
Grants Benefit Women and Children in Poverty
Competition Tackles Challenges Ahead of G20 Summit
LGBTQI Social Justice Organizations Supported
Awards Honor Research and Development Projects
Urban Housing Projects Funded
Prize Recognizes Achievements in Solving Water Challenges
Awards Celebrate Youth with Innovative Projects

Canadian Funding Opportunities
Environmental Initiatives Across Canada Supported
Funding Aims to Explore Public Policy Alternatives in Canada
Grants for Law-Related Initiatives in British Columbia
Saskatchewan Organizations and Events Funded

Federal Funding
Grants Combat Wildlife Trafficking in Africa, Asia, and Latin America
Support for Health and Food Security Projects in India

Canadian Government Funding
Funding Targets Indigenous Peoples in Urban Areas
Grants Enable the Purchase of Canadian Cultural Artifacts

International Funding Opportunities
Award Honors Efforts to Promote Intercultural Understanding
Police Initiatives in Selected European Countries Funded
Competition Promotes Sustainable Entrepreneurship
Support for Grassroots Activism Worldwide
Funding Expands Access to Healthcare in Company Communities
Achievements in Rule of Law Journalism Recognized
Grants Promote Health Research in the Middle East and North Africa Region
Youth Video Projects Honored

Canadian Funding Opportunities
Animal Welfare Initiatives in Canada and the U.S. Supported
Funds for Environmental and Educational Initiatives in Company Communities
Grants Target Individuals with Disabilities in British Columbia
Ontario Art Galleries and Museums Funded

Federal Funding
Great Lakes Education Supported
Funding Promotes Entrepreneurship in the MENA Region
Grants Aim to Improve Economic and Food Security in Syria

Canadian Government Funding
Canadian History Initiatives Supported
Funding Available for Child Advocacy Centers

International Funding Opportunities
Environmental Initiatives in Company Communities Funded
Fellowship Supports Social Change Initiatives
Grants Promote World Peace
Prize Honors Agricultural Achievements in Africa
Contributions to Girls’ and Women’s Education Recognized
Grants Enhance the Creativity of Photographers
Award Honors Food Reporting
Competition Seeks Ideas in the Areas of Water and Sanitation

Canadian Funding Opportunities
Instrument Donations Benefit Canadian Communities
Support for Environmental Protection in Canada and the U.S.
Grants Improve the Quality of Life in Nova Scotia
Funding Benefits Airport Communities Surrounding Toronto Pearson Airport

U.S. Government Funding Opportunities
Funds to Counter Wildlife Trafficking in Southeast Asia
Grants Safeguard Religious Freedom in Europe, East Asia, and the Pacific

Canadian Government Funding Opportunities
Support for Local Festivals
Economic Development Initiatives in Atlantic Canada Funded

International Funding Opportunities
Awards Honor Individuals Working to Improve the Lives of Children
Grants Promote the Arts in the Arab World
Competition Seeks Solutions to Global Water Crisis
Human Rights Activists Recognized
Support to Raise Climate Change Awareness
Grants Target Basic Needs and Workforce Development in Company Communities
Language Preservation Projects Funded
Prize Honors Innovative African Entrepreneurs

Canadian Funding Opportunities
Grants Foster Artistic Careers in Company Communities
Funding Available for Canadian Organizations Serving Children and Youth
Alberta Environmental Organizations Supported
Funds for Law-Related Initiatives in the Northwest Territories

U.S. Government Funding Opportunities
Grants Tackle Human Trafficking in Central America
Challenge Aims to Expand Energy Access in Africa

Canadian Government Funding Opportunities
Aboriginal Justice Programs Funded
Grants Enhance Community Security

International Funding Opportunities
Funds Enhance the Confidence and Skills of Computer Science Teachers
Prizes Honor Reporting in the Americas
Grants Empower Women and Girls in Developing Countries
Support for Roma Advocacy Efforts in Selected EU Countries
Funding Available for Exploration and Adventure Around the World
Film Production and Distribution Support Available
Awards Honor Sustainable Agriculture Initiatives
Grants Target Poverty and the Environment in Europe and Africa

Canadian Funding Opportunities
Support for Social and Economic Justice Initiatives in the U.S. and Canada
Grants Target Mental Health and Type 2 Diabetes in Canada
Grants Nurture the Arts in Alberta
Funding Available for Environmental Initiatives in British Columbia

U.S. Government Funding Opportunities
HIV Programs in South Africa Funded
Grants Aid Refugees in Selected African Countries

Canadian Government Funding Opportunities
Grants Promote Economic Development in Atlantic Canada
Travel Grants Available to Canadian Professional Artists

International Funding Opportunities
Prize Tackles Poverty in the Developing World
Rapid Funding for LGBT and HIV Initiatives in Selected Countries
European Youth Initiatives Honored
Grants Provide a Voice for Documentary Filmmakers
Human Rights Defenders Recognized
Support for Water and Community Development Initiatives in Company Locations
Prize Honors Cultural Projects Addressing Climate Change
Grants Aim to Break the Cycle of Poverty in the Developing World

Canadian Funding Opportunities
Award Honors Excellence in Social and Economic Justice Reporting
Aboriginal Sports and Recreation Initiatives Supported
Support for Health, Education, and Youth in Newfoundland and Labrador
Funds for Salmon Conservation in British Columbia and the Yukon Territory

U.S. Government Funding Opportunities
Grants Aim to Protect Roma Populations in Europe
African Elephant Conservation Initiatives Funded

Canadian Government Funding Opportunities
Funds for Community-Building Events
International Youth Internships Supported

International Funding Opportunities
Funds to Raise Youth Awareness About Discrimination
Grants Protect Democracy, Freedom, and the Environment
Funding Targets Eastern Africa
Land Protection Initiatives Supported
Grants Enhance the Quality of Life for Individuals with Disabilities
Funding Enables Artists to Undertake Projects in the U.S.
Funding Improves Incomes and Food Security in Selected Countries
Initiatives to Expand Children’s Access to Books Funded

Canadian Funding Opportunities
Awards Honor Canadian Women Volunteers
Funding Promotes Music Therapy in Canada
Grants Target Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities in Manitoba
Salmon Conservation Initiatives in Atlantic Canada and Quebec Funded

U.S. Government Funding Opportunities
Funding Enhances the Quality of Life for Children in Ethiopia
Grants Protect Wildlife and Ecosystems in Central America

Canadian Government Funding Opportunities
Celebrate Canada Activities Funded
Projects Promoting Gender Equality Supported