Delaware Alliance for Nonprofit Advancement

Delaware Alliance for Nonprofit Advancement


Advancing Nonprofit Excellence to make Transformational Impact in the Delaware Communities nonprofits serve

In recent years, Delaware nonprofit organizations have realized a greater demand for services while funding sources have declined. In response to the hardships faced by nonprofits in Delaware, DANA has remained committed to enhancing and strengthening the nonprofit sector by providing education, consulting, and advocacy support for nonprofit leaders and boards of directors.

Leaders and advocates for Delaware’s nonprofit sector

  • Our mission is to strengthen, enhance, and advance nonprofits and the sector in Delaware through advocacy, training, capacity building, and research.
  • We offer industry-leading services ranging from nonprofit sector advocacy to nonprofit leadership development, and from board governance to strategic planning and financial excellence. Additionally, we offer individual and group training, conferences and fellowship programs throughout the state.

Leadership Development

DANA provides Executive Directors, Board Chairs and the Board of Directors as a team, many different learning and networking opportunities to strengthen their skills and practices to be confident and effective in advancing their community impact.

Organizational Effectiveness

DANA helps nonprofits improve their operational effectiveness with an emphasis on best practices in board and leadership development, collaboration, strategic planning, outcome measurement, fundraising, advocacy, and financial management.

Advancing the Nonprofit Sector

DANA promotes the value of nonprofits to government, business, and foundation leaders. It represents the perspective of Delaware nonprofits on public policy that impacts their organizations.

“As a relatively new nonprofit, the Delaware Botanic Gardens turned to DANA to guide us as we evolved our Board and improved the focus and professionalism of our team. In addition, DANA’s leadership is essential to ensuring that the public and political leadership of our state understand the wide scope and vital importance of the benefits which nonprofits bring to Delaware every day.”

--  Raymond Sander, President, Delaware Botanic Gardens