Center for Volunteer & Nonprofit Leadership


Center for Volunteer & Nonprofit Leadership


Every day, passionate individuals and volunteers dedicate their work to advancing our communities’ vulnerable populations, natural landscapes, and cultural institutions. To succeed and maximize the potential of their cause, nonprofit leaders and volunteers need critical know-how in operational essentials like development, governance, and volunteer management. Center for Volunteer & Nonprofit Leadership (CVNL) delivers the expert guidance and professional resources that local leaders and volunteers need to build resilient, impactful organizations. We offer comprehensive programs and services including:

Executive Search Services
Customized Consulting Solutions
Leadership Development Programs
Comprehensive Volunteer Services

For nearly 60 years, CVNL has advanced nonprofits and volunteerism by strengthening leadership, encouraging innovation, and empowering individuals throughout the North Bay. With confident and prepared leaders and volunteers, nonprofits are better equipped to deliver on their missions and create healthy, happy communities. Connect with us! 


Change is inevitable. When nonprofit organizations experience leadership transitions many lack the time or resources to maintain stability and resilience. CVNL’s Executive Search Services have provided successful full-cycle executive recruiting for nonprofit organizations for over a decade. We offer expert support in executive search and succession planning. CVNL has placed more than 90 C-level leaders in positions such as Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Vice President of Development, Chief Operation Officer, and many more.

Susan Brown, Director 


Extending the capacity of nonprofit leaders in order to increase their impact is the aim of CVNL’s consulting practice. CVNL understands that each client is unique and we provide consulting services that are client-centered and tailored to the realities, strengths and needs of each nonprofit. CVNL’s staff consultants specialize in nonprofit governance, strategic and operational leadership, organizational development, assessment and impact, volunteer management, leadership transitions, and advocacy. Applying a service and outcomes-focused approach, we help achieve greater impact.

Patricia Murillo, Chief Programs Officer


Building and sustaining great organizations requires compassionate, connected, and competent leadership. Leaders who are committed to these qualities and embrace learning and growth create great teams. Great teams give organizations the capacity to achieve their mission. We are committed to supporting leaders and their teams with world-class programs. We offer a robust menu of opportunities, online and face to face, to challenge leaders and managers with new ideas, support learning and growth, and honor experience.

  1. Deliver high quality, relevant, and impactful learning opportunities with local and regional experts;
  2. Use the knowledge in the room, encourage peer learning, and facilitate active learning;
  3. Develop critical leadership competencies and skills that can be applied immediately; and
  4. Provide leadership coaching to support development.

Melissa Hersh, Director


For every well-meaning individual wishing to give back to his or her community, there are many organizations searching for volunteers to help them deliver on their mission. Using our interactive website,, CVNL connects people to the causes that both meet their interests and need their help. We are committed to helping people of all ages, skill levels, and backgrounds obtain the information they need to pursue their passions and give back.

Managing and retaining volunteers is important to nonprofits of every size and mission. CVNL understands that finding the well-meaning individuals that fit their project needs is just the first step. We're here to guide nonprofits, companies, the community, and others in creating and managing volunteer projects that run smoothly and deliver on their missions. When that match is made, we ensure that organizations get the support they need to sustain a happy, healthy volunteer base. Our community's nonprofits lift our most vulnerable populations, endangered lands, and cultural institutions—and we are here to lift them.

Elaine Tokolahi, Director