Montana Nonprofit Association

Montana Nonprofit Association

Mission, Vision and History

MNA's mission is to provide leadership for Montana's nonprofit sector and partner with charitable nonprofits to promote a sustainable, networked, and influential sector. 

Vision for the Nonprofit Community

Awareness: MNA envisions a future where policymakers, community leaders, and Montana citizens widely recognize and celebrate the contributions, professionalism, and impact of the nonprofit sector. Further, Montana citizens view the nonprofit sector as a vital partner, along with government and business, in building our communities and enhancing our quality of life. Through individual advocacy and collective action, nonprofits voice their perspectives and positively shape and influence key public policy that impacts nonprofits, our missions, and the people we serve.

Resources: MNA envisions a future where nonprofits possess the resources necessary for mission fulfillment. Nonprofits have access to: (1) adequate startup, scale-up, and maintenance capital; (2) a sufficient and well-trained workforce and voluntary sector; (3) pathways to professional career development including continuing education; and (4) resources such as leadership and management support, consultants, accountants, and attorneys to enhance the professionalism and accountability of the sector.

Networks: MNA envisions a future where the nonprofit community in Montana is well connected, supportive of one another, and recognized for sustained collaboration and sharing of resources. Montana nonprofits efficiently and effectively serve our communities across Montana, including our rural and native communities. To ensure maximum impact, nonprofits leverage strategic partnerships with other nonprofits, government, and businesses to build and strengthen communities. Nonprofits are at the forefront of providing leadership all across our state.

Vision for MNA 

MNA is the recognized leader for and voice of the nonprofit sector in Montana. Nonprofits, government, business, and the media seek out MNA as a partner and advisor on issues that impact nonprofits.

To strengthen the nonprofit sector, MNA provides a comprehensive suite of affordable programs and benefits. MNA’s leadership has the commitment, knowledge, experience, diversity, and adaptive skills required for success. MNA involves the right people at all levels, generates significant financial capital from operations, and incorporates leading edge infrastructure to meet our mission. In all that we do, MNA leads by example and is a recognized model for nonprofit leadership, management, and impact.

To maximize our impact, MNA is connected to and supports local networks of nonprofits across the state and partners with foundations, government, business, and citizens for the good of Montana. MNA is a leader in building the field of nonprofit support organizations in the state and region.