The Rayvan Group


The Rayvan Group


The Rayvan Group works with clients nationwide to build sustainable and effective fundraising solutions.

Who We Are

Through a combined 50+ years of working in the nonprofit arena, The Rayvan Group was created to provide one-on-one expertise to help nonprofit organizations reach their full potential. Our team is comprised of five dedicated professionals who provide a wide variety of services to our clients. The experience and expertise offered by our team is second to none and we welcome the opportunity to work with a wide range of organizations looking to reach their full potential.

What We Do

We assist nonprofits through the following service areas:

  • Grants
    We provide clients with a holistic grant approach. We assess your current funding structure and then carefully research, draft, edit, and submit any grant proposals we identify together. The Rayvan Group is committed to standing with you every step of the way when you choose us as your grant writers.
  • Coaching
    Whether you need a short reboot, or a comprehensive overview, The Rayvan Group provides a variety of coaching sessions to help you succeed. If you’re not sure what’s right for you, we also offer complementary 15-minute phone calls to get you started.
  • Facilitation
    Clients looking to reinvigorate their Board of Directors may benefit from external advice. That’s where The Rayvan Group steps in. We will facilitate a Board meeting or retreat and guide your organization on the steps needed in order to move forward.
  • Interim Services
    A shift in staffing can cause disruption for nonprofits. The Rayvan Group can act as a staff member in the interim to help provide stability and set you up for success with your new team.
  • Assessments
    The best way forward is to assess where you’ve been and are currently. The Rayvan Group doesn’t come in with all the answers for our clients, but helps assess the areas of opportunity and together we’ll craft a plan that’s right for you.
  • Educational Seminars
    We believe sharing our knowledge and experience with others enriches the community in which we work. We’re proud to partner with a variety of organizations to present our workshops on development. Whether you need to learn grant basics, or are ready to take your organization to the next level, we have the know-how and information you need.

Visit our website www.therayvangroup.comto learn more about how we can help your nonprofit reach its full potential.