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Reed Community Consulting


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Brandon Reed of Reed Community Consulting has 12 years of experience working with nonprofits of all shapes and sizes in roles as a part time employee to Executive Director and Board President. He has a strong understanding of small business management, getting the most value for your money, what makes nonprofits tick and common pitfalls they face.

Reed Community Consulting offers consulting services to small and medium-sized nonprofits ranging in support from board management, fundraising and grant writing, measurement and evaluation, business management, ethical guidance and tech implementation like websites and free/low-cost solutions to your needs.

If you are interested in working with Brandon at Reed Community Consulting or are interested in learning more about his work with nonprofits or web design, you can learn more at

Brandon offers a free, self-paced, online course for nonprofits looking to start building a donor list from scratch. You can learn more about the online course and start taking it right now by clicking this link!